Learning a Second Language

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Nowadays, both students and people in business are required to have ability of using a second language. Learning a second language is not necessary but it is getting important ability. First of all, people who want to learn a second language want to seek self-contentment. Besides, that people can realize their potential to succeed, and they do not need to stay in their own small world either for outward or for personal fulfillment. That people can attain new ideas through learning a new language for making money, and there is no limit to improving own skills in every area.

According to Richard Riley, U. S. Secretary of Education under Bill Clinton, “We have strong evidence today that studying a foreign language has a ripple effect, helping to improve student performance in understanding international circumstances and making a strong resolution among other countries. Second, learning a second language can outwardly develop ability to trade and negotiate with other countries. In other words, learning a second language is useful to understand foreign culture and to increase global understanding in that a different language belongs to a different vision of life.

According to Dr. Dan Davidson, President of the American Councils on international Education, effective communication

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and successful negotiations with a foreign partner, whether with a partner in peacekeeping, a strategic economic partner, a political adversary, or a non-English speaking contact in a critical law enforcement action, require strong comprehension of the underlying culture values and belief structures that are part of the life experience of the foreign partners.

To sum up, learning a second language is a certain way to enhance your work and ability satisfactorily. Moreover, understanding foreign cultures and the way of thinking will enable non-native speakers to be successful in life.

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