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Identifying the learner’s need: We can identify the learner’s need from the application process, from interview or when they commence the programme. This process is really important as it will be helpful to design the plan and resources to fulfill the learner’s need. Once we have identified the needs of the learners, if any student require special support we should discuss the requirements of the qualification with our student, along with the range of services and agencies that are available to assist them.

The resources: The items being used for the lesson, for instance; book, handout, people, diagram etc are known as the resources. However, we need to make sure all the resources should be accessible and inclusive to all students. While choosing the resources we need to consider any dyslexia and physical or mental difficulties of the students. Location, cost and challenges of the resources are other factors that should be considered while choosing it.

Differentiation: The differentiation is all about using a range of different approaches and resources to meet the requirements of the learners. We can embed differentiation by conducting a small group works during the lesson. we can divide our students in different groups according to their learning style, previous knowledge, level of qualification etc. According to (Tummons, 2010, page 93) Differentiation can be defined as an approach to teaching and leaning that both recognises the individuality of learner and also informs way of planning for learning and teaching that take these individualities into consideration.

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