Leadership in Health and Social Care Essay

Use and Develop systems that promote communicating.


• TC Refresher Training 25/06/13
• Picture Hygiene Chart
• Aspergers Training Certificates
• Minuets from TC updates
• Assorted support programs ( Stated Below )
• Pictures of TC boards
• Feelings chart for RL

In the services that I manage there is a scope of persons with different communicating barriers.

In Rivendell one of the services. I have a gentleman SG with really hapless hearing and no verbal communicating. Myself and the squad at the service usage Signs. images. Symbols and Widgets to pass on with him. We besides have a lady LW at the service who has really small verbal communicating and what she does state is frequently in her ain manner of pass oning which at first non everyone understands. She can hear but can non ever understand or take in everything that people say to her. She responds to the Welsh linguistic communication much better. We once more use marks. images and doodads to pass on to LW. There is another gentleman at that place DB who can pass on and hear but can acquire easy distracted so Pictures besides work good with DB.

In Gwel Afon another service. I have 3 gentlemen who can read and pass on nevertheless they like to hold images and symbols to assist them with things. For illustration they have an accessible job chart and I did do one gentleman a image hygiene chart to motivate him to lavish / shave etc on certain yearss as he would be given to bury.

I besides manage a service called Glanadl where two gentlemen live. they are
both really independent and can speek for themselves. However one of these gentlemen can non read so we do back up him with this.

I have two gentlemen in my services who have Aspergers. even though they can pass on they can sometimes fight to understand what you are stating to them or take it the incorrect manner.

As director of these service I guarantee that all of my employees have the right preparation to back up these persons. All employees from Rivendell that use doodad and TC have been on the Entire Communications Training. they besides receive a TC refresher every few months. I have assigned SW a support worker at the service to

be a TC co-ordinator and he does a TC initiation with all new starting motors before they go on their preparation. For employees that work with the two gentlemen with Aspergers I requested Aspergers developing which was tailored around the two persons and their communicating in peculiar.

I will hold meetings with the Speech and Language section at C. T. L. D every few months to discourse the current Communication systems in topographic point at Rivendell and reexamine them. We are presently looking into acquiring IPAD’s at the service to better communicating as it was proven really good in the test the persons had.

When I took over as director in the Rivendell service I felt that the communicating systems could be improved. I worked with the squad to better the communicating systems by acquiring more wigets around the service. we set up a TC board in single sleeping rooms. We besides set up a TC board in the hall manner with activities on. When we received the timetable from the SAC for each person it was all written out so none of the persons would understand it. I asked my Team Developer at the service to re-do these timetables with the relevant symbols and images and these are working truly good.

The single files of each individuals support I manage are tailored to them.
If they have communicating barriers and respond good to images so we use images aswel as authorship in their files so they can be involved in there support programs.

See DB & A ; SG support programs.

Each person has at that place ain support programs and if they require support around communicating there will be elaborate support programs saying what support they need.

See ML & A ; LW Communication Support Plans.

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