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Habitat for humanity is a global organization that works to improve the livelihood of many people in the world. It does so by providing g shelter at cost effective way. It works through volunteers, organizations, companies and donations. As a volunteer you are expected to challenge yourself in offering skills and time to build homes as well as improve your leadership skills. Habitat offers opportunity to for partners to learn building skills, patience, and cooperation.

It also leadership and management areas include family services, resource development, construction, land development, mortgage department and retail operations. When volunteering for habitat for instance as supervisor on site one is able to understand the mission and communicate the principles and goals Habitat for Humanity (Habitat). The experience gives one a positive attitude and a cooperative spirit, helps one to understand building safety procedures and working with equipments and tools.

Is also gives on the ability to demonstrate safe building procedures, become efficient at doing more than building tasks, able to teach others and provide motivation and encouragement to a multi cultural group of people i. e. partner and volunteers. In addition it provides opportunity for a productive life and fun experience

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for all (Habitat). Volunteers are of value to habitat since they help in offering affordable housing solutions to low income families through the sale of home-related items and building materials and construct homes to people.

It also has training opportunities where one who already has skills is able to utilize them and learn more such as working in the office, assisting with a fundraising event, or on a committee. Through the Habitat HomeWORKS classes a volunteer is able to learn skills like basics of construction, home maintenance, financial management, healthy living and gardening (Habitat).

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