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Management basically refers to the act and attitude of being in charge of responsibilities of controlling other people or activities. Management comprises of Planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling an organization with the aim of accomplishing a set of common goals. Management can also be expressed as an activity that controls and monitors workers in any organization with the target of achieving some desired goals set by the firm. With the changing time, management has also evolved. This is as a result of decentralization in the model of the organization where management has evolved resulting in some alterations, in the duty of management. Nowadays, management mainly focuses on facilitating the activities of the workers rather than controlling them as was the norm in earlier days. Proper management is best tool to ensure productivity in an organization or a company.

In hospitals there must be coordination between the doctor and the nurses. In this case, licensed practical nurses (LPN) are meant to follow up the medication diagnosed to patients by the doctor. Nurses are the link between the doctor and the patients since doctors have many patients to attend to. However, LPN’s duty is to ensure hygiene of the patient as well as their condition. They are also trained such that they can offer emergency treatment whenever the doctor is not around. Nurses are known to hold the toughest task in hospitals because they deal with different patient, and if unprotected they can be at the risk of contracting or spreading diseases.

Leadership and management may appear to have the same meaning, but this is not the case. For effective management, one requires leadership skills in order to gain confidence and trust from the people served. As the proverbs goes, unity is strength”, the same applies to people working together in achieving the same goal. A barrier is anything that obstructs or hinders the union or progress of something. Culture on the other hand, refers to a process of socializing that entails all the rules, assumptions, norms, regulations and mindsets that are common to a group of people. These rules govern and determine how the individual in that group lives and interacts with other people. Cultural barriers are those barriers that arise as a result of the different cultures that exist in a certain locality. Some of the most common barriers to conducting business include; misunderstanding body language of different people, lack of trust between individuals of different cultures, different religious beliefs hence different perspectives of looking at things and differences in social habits between people of different cultural backgrounds.

A good and successful leader should also be decisive in his entire decision making process. This goes hand in hand with self confidence even in the most difficult situations. This helps to instill confidence in the subordinates even when things are tough. A leader should also exercise humility and should occasionally take some time off to socialize with his followers in order to maintain a good working relationship with them. He should be able to work under pressure as showing any signs of weakness to his competitors would negatively impact the progress of the firm. A ood leader will have some interest in the happenings both inside and outside so that they can effectively analyze the competition, as well.

Quality management system (QMS) can be defined as the organizational procedures and structures that implement quality management in businesses. In order to ensure that there is quality management within the bank, some procedures must be followed. For instance, there should be total supervision of the activities taking place so as to ensure that everything runs smoothly. The supervisor should adapt ways of satisfying most customers by constantly improving the quality management. In addition to this, person in charge of the store should develop plans for product realization. One should learn the perfect ways of impressing customers, by investing on quality services provided to them.

Total quality management (TQM) is a business philosophy that encourages quality management in every stage of production. It is believed that adding value or improving the quality of products will help in marketing, since it will improve competitiveness. TQM only requires one to the system of operation in a business and implementing better methods and ideas. For example, there should be training for employees in order to ensure that they provide quality service to customers. There should be a close relation between the workers and the management where by the workers are allowed to make a decision at all levels. This will make them feel responsible and will be committed to their duties without supervision. Although TQM may be a bit expensive, the output will indicate changes in the amount of profits gained. In hospitals improving the quality patient’s service is part of implementing TQM strategies.

Leadership within the hospitals must be of honesty and openness because the life of the patients lies on the hands of the doctors and nurses.. Controlling is the last duty in management. It does not refer to managers manipulating the behavior of their employees; rather it refers to work related activities. It therefore, involves looking out for errors and weaknesses in the system of the organization by monitoring and controlling feedback. This is done to ensure all activities conform to the plans policies and directives as set up by the management. It is also done to ensure performance does not deviate from the organizations standards. Organization also involves monitoring the progress of the firm and ensuring that the goals set are being met. Where an error is identified, corrective and preventive measures should be implemented. For a manager to effectively control the employees, he requires to have a clear understanding of the organizations plans that highlight the organizations standards and objectives.

Information and technology (IT) is the method used to communicate electronically using computers. It is also the use of computer technology and network in conducting services in businesses. IT is used in developing and reducing manual work in companies leading to improving of services and contention of customers. In the modern world, IT has been adapted almost everywhere making the world a better place for everyone. Since the invention of information and technology, there have been several business transactions. This has improved business, and there is positivee economic growth worldwide. United Kingdom has not been left behind, and has adapted the IT techniques in their stores so as to improve the quality of service provided to customers. Some gargets have been used in monitoring activities of employees by managers. This increases efficiency in performance of their activities.

Lack of experience or training may lead to poor performance at workplaces, leading to decrease in productivity. Training sessions for workers ensures that they gain the best skills. Empowerment of workers improved the relationship between them and the customers. One of the key factors that they are taught is the best ways of handling customers. Some customers are polite and other extremely rude. This provided the workers with knowledge and skills to handle different people. The workers in the production sector were also trained on how to produce quality products that would please the customers. The customers were provided with quality service making them comfortable in buying their goods in the company. Workers handled customers with professional skills making them feel appreciated. They saw the company as a civilized one since the workers handled customers in disciplined manners. Organizations should hire the best and leave the rest. This will help the company be able to provide quality service to the few instead of hiring many who will be no good to the company. Training sessions provided in the industry is to keep the employees with the trend of the developing of the new technological equipments.

Training involves looking into the specifics of a country and its culture as well as getting the general overview of the culture of the region. For example if the majority of the population in the business locality are of the Hispanic origin, it is important to be well enlightened on the Hispanic culture and their language. This knowledge gives the company a competitive edge internationally as compared to other companies. Cultural awareness training should not be overlooked. This is because it has a great impact on the business and its success. The training makes it easier for the staff to deal sensitively and effectively with their clients, neighbors, colleagues and customers from other cultures. Therefore, as a result, the business is more likely to become competitive and more profitable to the society. The same applies to hospitals whereby patients respond rudely to some they think he or she is not experienced.


The world we live in is changing at an alarming rate as a result of all the new discoveries that have been made over the years. These new discoveries have been aided by the availability of better learning facilities and equipment. These were not available in the early days. As scientists continue to discover and invent new equipment, the world is adapting them and incorporating them in the societies. As a result, the world we are living in is heavily dependent on inventions and machines to carry out tasks. Moreover, as a result of the advanced technology, people are getting more intelligent hence they are able carry out more researches of their own as well as make their own new inventions. In the medical world this has eased management as well as other treatment methods such as surgery.

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