Law Enforcement Interpersonal Communication and Conflict Management CHAPTER 1

What % of calls for service result in a UFIR
Why are the abilities to communicate and to connect with others important law enforcement skills.
improved officer safety, heightened investigative awareness, fewer complaints and lawsuits, career advancement and recognition, better relationships, and decreased stress and anxiety.
What are the four myths about communication
1. logic makes communication more effective,
2. learning communication makes you a better communicator
3. communication is a one-way process
4. The message sent is the message received
5. you can refrain from communicating
6. meaning is conveyed only in words
7. good communicators are born, not made.
List the core principles of the IMPACT model
1. Identify and manage emotions
2. Master the story.
3. Promote positive behavior
4. Achieve rapport
5. Control your response
6. Take perspective
Logic makes communication more effective
FALSE, this is not the case, every decision is somehow influenced by emotion.
Communication is a one-way process
FALSE, there is feedback from people. must read feedback, and monitor the reactions of others, and adjust or modify behavior to send the most accurate messages possible.
You can refrain from communicating
FALSE, (communication is fluid and continuously whenever we are in the presence of others).
effective communicators are self-aware, we can communicate anytime we are in the presence of others, and to manage our behaviors appropriately.
Meaning is conveyed only in words
FALSE, biggest mistake is assuming that messages are contained only in the words we use.
Good Communicators are born, not made
it is a skill, and skill can be improved with the right combination of study and practice.
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