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Latino in American Media In today’s media certain races or ethnicities play a common stereotypical role. The homosexual male is the girls’ best friend, the female Latino are maids and their counterparts are gardeners and construction workers, and the Asian community Is poked at for being so smart. American media thinks It is all fun and games, but In reality It hurts these ethnicities communities and their self-esteem. Latino get poked fun at in Just about every other mass media market, from being a broke maid to wing a lawn service to gang members and murderers.

In this paper, I analyzed and show how Latino do much more than the typical stereotypical role, and that the Latino should be recognized for how much they have accomplished. In 1986, the National Hispanic Media Coalition (MINCH) was established, and Its main mission or goal was to provide a positive outlook on Helpless/Latino, and show how Latino are portrayed as multidimensional people instead of all the negative stereotypes. The important key to MINCH is to prevent media bias against Latino before the American Latino youth sees themselves in a negative way.

It isn’t just the way Latino are treated through the media; it is the fact that the media rarely has Latino in mainstream media today (About us). Over a couple years ago the MINCH along with the African American Community, Asian Pacific American, and the Native American community made a deal with the four major network televisions to diversify the workplace on the camera and behind the camera. Also, the MINCH has filed over fifty petitions with the FCC to deny radio and television station licenses nationwide on the tater that the Latino are treated poorly in the employment ranks, and in the media (About Us).

The MINCH has done a lot for the Latino community, making strides to help Improve the ranks of the Latino in the workplace and in the media. However, It is still common to see In Hollywood movies the Latino gang members, tearing a city apart by smuggling drugs and weapons Into the city. In a recent pole It shows the positive and negative stereotypes of Latino in Hollywood. The positive side shows Latino portrayed as fifty-six percent are police, forty-five percent are nurses, forty- woo percent are teachers, and thirty-three percent are lawyers and Judges.

On the other hand sixty-seven percent of Latino are portrayed as Criminals, sixty-four percent are gardeners, sixty-one percent are maids, and forty-six percent are high school dropouts (Medal Portrays Latino). Hollywood can be a tough place for most people, even worse for Latino and minorities. Many of the minorities top tier actors get overlooked for big films, because of names like Ben Fleck, Brad Pit, and so many others. It has been a trend over the years to have top American actors play Latino oleos over actual Latino playing that role.

Recently we saw this in Argon, when Ben Fleck played CIA agent Tony Mended. This has been going on for years, and It hurts the Latino community, without Latino playing Latino roles, we as people miss the baseball you can almost certainly see your favorite Latino player, and he might Just be your hero as well. Latino are a dominant force in Major League Baseball; however Latino aren’t really anywhere else in sports. Baseball is considered “the way out” in poverty areas in Mexico, Central America, South America and the Caribbean.

The Cubans adapted the game from Americans and took it back to Cuba, where the game just blew up. Everyone in Cuba loved it; Cubans started forming teams and even leagues. When the Cincinnati Reds went down to Cuba to play an exhibition game, the Reds had no idea what they were about to see. Cuban pitcher Jose Mended, shut down the reds, and opened up barriers for Cubans to now be scouted by the ML. However, due to the racial issues in the United States, only light skinned Cubans were allowed to play in the states at this time (Latino and U. S. Sports).

Latino have always had it rough in American media and Hollywood and in sports, Latino are not usually the ones playing the protagonist in movies or being the face of an organization like in the NAB and the NFG, instead Latino are usually seen as immature, naive, thug, gardening, and extremely sexual and violent. Latino have been dealing with stereotypes dating in the late sass’s, when European expansionists were moving west and encountered Latino and saw them as impediments. Fortunately an actress, signer, and dancer Rite Moreno broke through the barriers by Ewing the first Hispanic to win an Emmy, Grammar, Oscar, and Tony award.

She paved the way for actors today like George Lopez, Jennifer Lopez, and Penelope Cruz. Even with all these actors and actresses breaking down all these stereotypical barriers, there are still more to make, and the Latino are continuing to break those down (Hispanics Portrayed in Media). Hispanics are increasing in America and like it or not Hispanics will be a big part of our future. There are about fifty three million Latino living in America right now, which is seventeen percent of the population in America and are currently the arrest minority in America.

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