Latin American Reform

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Many Latin American countries in the twentieth century turned to
communism and socialism.
The Venezuelan people gave Hugo Chavez a referendum to rewrite their constitution and implement
The transfer of land and industry from private owners to government, which occurred in Cuba under Fidel Castro, is called
The main reason Cárdenas nationalized Mexico’s oil industry was to
enable the country to get direct benefit from its vast supplies.
After Cuba lost economic aid from the Soviet Union, Fidel Castro
allowed some economic reforms to occur.
Which best describes how Mexican leaders sought to protect democratic rule after the country’s revolution?
They approved a new constitution.
What type of ideology has gained popularity throughout Latin America?
Mexico’s Constitution of 1917 helped the working class by
restricting employment of foreigners.
The dominant political party in Mexico for most of the twentieth century was the .
Institutional Revolutionary Party
Which best explains how Hugo Chavez damaged democracy in Venezuela?
He increased authoritarianism in government.

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