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Founder of psychoanalysis
Sigmund Freud
French physician who started a movement towards treating mentally ill patients more humanely
Philip Pinnel
Type of therapy that involves talking things out with a professional is called
Main goal of ____ therapies is to give people better understanding of their feelings & actions
Type of therapies aimed at changing disordered behavior are called
An ________ therapist would help a client change his/her maladaptive behavior
__________ is a type of insight-oriented therapy
____________ is a key component of Freud’s theory of psychotherapy
dream interpretation
According to Freud, the storyline content of your dreams are called ______ content
In interpreting a dream, a psychoanalyst would attempt to uncover the ______ content
Client’s tendency to transfer his/her feelings onto the therapist is called
When a client starts to block the forward movement of therapy, Freud called this
Humanistic therapy emphasizes personal choice and _______
free will
Carl Rogers believed most personal troubles were the result of mismatch between ideal self &
real self
Warmth & respect without conditions attached is called
unconditional positive regard
Gestalt therapy was developed based on the work of
Fritz Perls
A good candidate for humanistic therapy may be someone who is looking to change
__________ therapy is based on various learning principles.
Behavior therapy often works based upon __________ modification.
Relaxing clients in the presence of a feared object or situation is __________ desensitization
_______ therapy pairs an undesirable behavior with and aversive stimulus.
Systematic desensitization works best on people who have anxiety and/or __________
echniques like flooding & systematic desensitization are known as _____ therapies/techniques
Process of learning through observation and imitation of others is
When a therapist models a specific learning technique to a client
participant modeling
_______ strengthens a response by following it with a pleasurable consequence.
positive reinforcement
______ strengthens a response by removing an unpleasant stimulus
negative reinforcement
Involves awarding tokens for good behavior which can be traded for desired items.
token economy
A formal agreement regarding rules of behavior and consequences of not following them
contingency contract
Removal of reinforcer to reduce the frequency of a behavior.
Beck’s cognitive therapy is most effective at treating
Taking responsibility for many things, even though you are not responsible for the problems
When one focuses on only one negative aspect while ignoring the positive aspects (Aaron Beck)
selective thinking
Draws sweeping conclusions that your worst nightmare will come true & interfere with your life
A therapist who tries to change client’s irrational thoughts and increase coping mechanisms
cognitive behavioral
Type of therapy in which clients meet regularly in a group setting to discuss problems
Medication, electroconvulsive shock therapy and psychosurgery are all types of
biomedical therapy
Alcoholics Anonymous is a well-known __________
self help group
Hallucinations, delusions and bizarre, erratic behavior can be treated with
antipsychotic drugs
Traditional antianxiety drugs or minor tranquilizers are called
became famous for demanding that the mentally ill be treated with kindness, personally unlocking the chains of inmates in France
Philip Pinnel
Therapy for mental disorders in which a person with a problem talks with a psychological professional
Therapy for mental disorders in which a person with a problem is treated with biological or medical methods to relieve symptoms
-Electric shock treatments
-Noninvasive stimulation techniques
biomedical therapy
small electrical currents are send to brain areas which cause mini strokes
electric shock treatments
Transcranial magnetic stimulation for depression
non invasive stimulation techniques
very rare and controversial
Freudian technique in which a patient is encouraged to talk about anything that comes to mind without fear of negative evaluations
free association
actively giving interpretations of a client’s statements in therapy, even suggesting certain behavior or actions
a newer and more general term for therapies based on psychoanalysis
psychodynamic therapy
form of therapy for depression which incorporates multiple approaches and focuses on interpersonal problems
interpersonal therapy (IPT)
a nondirective insight therapy in which the client does all the talking and the therapist listens
person-centered therapy
therapeutic style in which the therapist remains relatively neutral and does not interpret or take direct actions with regard to the client, instead remaining a calm, nonjudgmental listener while the client talks
non directive therapy
the ability of the therapist to understand the feelings of the client
the therapist restates what the client says rather than interpreting those statements
To reduce ambivalence about change
§To increase intrinsic motivation to bring that change about
-Four principles:
•Express empathy
•Develop discrepancy between
client’s present behaviors, values
•Roll with resistance
•Support the client’s self-efficacy
motivational interviewing
Form of directive insight therapy in which the therapist helps clients accept all parts of their feelings and subjective experiences, using leading questions and planned experiences such as role-playing
gestalt therapy
technique for treating phobias and other stress disorders in which the person is rapidly and intensely exposed to the fear-provoking situation or object and prevented from making the usual avoidance or escape response
the strengthening of a response by following it with a pleasurable consequence or the removal of an unpleasant stimulus
action therapy in which the goal is to help clients overcome problems by learning to think more rationally and logically
•Three goals:
1.Relieve the symptoms and solve the problems.
2.Help develop strategies for solving future problems.
3.Help change irrational, distorted thinking.
cognitive behavioral therapy
-low cost
-exposure to other people with similar problems; social interaction with others
-social and emotional support from people with similar disorders or problems
group therapy
In interpreting a dream, a psychoanalyst would attempt to uncover the ______ content
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