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Computer Hacking Basics

Computer hacking is very popular. With every thing on the Internet having to cost something. Someone will try to hack that database and retrieve free information. As every on knows but doesn’t take very seriously is that hacking is illegal. Hacking is anywhere from hacking in to the school data base and change your grades to make a stop light change with a special clicker. Hacking can change our whole economy. When someone or companies get hacked they refer it to a hacker attack. They say when there is hacker wars do not strike back because most hackers use false identity and if you try to crash his computer it may be the FBI’s system. Hacking I illegal and you can be sentenced to jail or if you are a minor you can be sentenced to 3 years of probation and to make no contact with a computer modem unless supervision of an employer, teacher, or librarian. Like someone said in a news forum on “ if someone is trying to break into your car, do you have the right to pull your gun on him and try to shoot him”. No. What if the bullet strikes and hits some one else. That is the same thing with hacker strikes back. If you try to strike back you may be harming some one else’s computer that they paid great money for.

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