Lakeshore Plans

1. Intro

Amy: Hey guys! We’re students from LHS. We’re going to perform a sciency magic show today! Our names are..
2. Magic Sponges

Amy: Explain acid/bases. Do the sponges.

Anyan: Prepares household well plates and passes it out

3. Household Items

Shirylna: explains household stuff.

Amy: is cleaning up.

Angela: is preparing for the rainbow tube.

4. Rainbow Tube

Angela: explains rainbow tube.

Anyan and Shirlyna: clean up.

Amy: Gets out handwarmers

5. Handwarmers

Amy: passes out handwarmers

Anyan: explains handwarmers

Angela and Shirlyna: Get WHOOSH bottle ready

Anyan: There are SOOOOO MUUCCCH salt put into this small packet, that when you bend the coin, it releases some crystals, that immediately, it makes all the other salts hard and hot. 

6. WHOOSH bottle

Anyan and Angela: Does the WHOOSH

Shirlyna: Keep kids in back

Angela: Explains

Amy: Collecting handwarmers.

7. Question Time
Anyan: Do you guys have any questions?
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