Lack of Employee Morale in the Workplace

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Something that most employers need to pay attention is lack of morale in work place. Employees who are always happy, appreciated and highly motivated tend to be more productive in the organization, hence affecting the organization’s productivity positively. Though there is a believe that, there is no way every body in an organization will be happy, but a difference will be made, if happiness starts with middle management, through the executive management support and encourage the organization employees. This essay critically analyses the ways through which an organization can improve morale in an organization.

Employee recognition programs forms effective means of improving morale in work place by showing employees that they are appreciated. The process of recognizing employees is not just something that can be done for people. This needs to be taken as a tool of communication that reinforces the rewards the most significant results that are created by the organization’s employees. Effective recognition programs need to also reinforce the chosen means of recognition. The program need to reinforce actions and behaviors that are most wanted in the organization. Studies have shown that, effective recognition systems ought to be immediate, simple, and powerfully reinforcing. The recognition process need to much effective to both employees and much significant to the organization’s success, (Susan, 2011).

Effective leadership is another soluion to low morale at work place. It is true that, manger’s behavioral integrity makes a difference between average and exemplary team performance. If the organization has leaders that tend to be impersonal and too busy to being respectful and courteous, then employees will follow similar behaviors. The key to attaining company objectives as well as increasing morale in work place is skill servant leadership. Leaders need to help others attain their desires, which at the end achieve the company objectives. Effective leaders influence employees, serve their needs, develop their growth, and helps them in understanding overall organization’s mission statement. This will effectively lead to success development in their company. Greater leaders in one way or the other gives employees a sense of purpose. It is true that, everyday, employees come to work, doing same old things. In the presence of purpose to attain, same old things tend to be more and more productive, hence increasing employee morale.

The three incredible tips that a leader can use for the motivation of employees include; creation of positive work place, being accountable, and the use of rewards, (Magas, 2011). It is good for the company mangers to pay attention to employees that show promise as a way of boosting morale in a work place. If the leader is impressed with the work of an employee, it will hold much water if the employer show it. The employer can even write a note, send some floowers, or even prepare a certificate that demonstrates gratitude. This kind of personal attention tends to make the recognized employee feel much valued and unique. As a manger, one need to encourage quality feedback from both parties involved. The manager has to pay attention his/her workers as well as on their learning needs, and as an effect, plan a feedback that is much helpful.

The management needs to focus on “fixing those that cannot” rather than “improving those that can.” Employees in most cases get to be encouraged and motivated if they are able to attain goals. As a result, employers need to come up with goals and milestones that their employees are able to reach. They should not just leave up to them to attain them, they ought to help them to attain their goals through inspiration and training. Employees need to be given chances of viewing their progress in numbers against the goals that the management set. When continually employees attain their goals, there is a heightened feeling of accomplishment and an increase in morale, (Arnold, 2010).

In conclusion, morale is a significant part of employee productivity and is the direct impact of effective management. When an organization find ways through which it can increase its employee morale, then is considered to be making direct and positive impact. It is good for the management to work together with employees in finding means that can be used to improve morale at work place.

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