lab safety

safety glasses are worn at all times. First on. Last off.

only safety equipment may be barrowed from other lab stations.




do not place anything other than chemistry equipment on the lab tables. No:

clothes, books, notwbooks, food, drinks, etc.

Immediate Suspention From Lab For:

playing with eqipment, ignoring safety rules, deliberately misleading others, tampering with experiments, unathorized experiments. 

students may not enter stock room without specific permission from instructor.
no objects or chemicals are to be put in stock chemical containers without specific permission.
tops must be kept on chemical containers except when disposing chemicals.
persons who spill chemicals must stay with spills until it is cleaned up.
Always Add Acid to Water when diluting- slowly with careful mixing
Do Not attempt to extinguish fires: Turn off gas at the main station vavle, move away and notify instructor
no drinks or food in the lab environment. Lab eqipment is Never clean enouugh for holding or drinking. Do not taste chemicals
if chemicals are spilled on skin or clothing immediately immerse in water and report to the instructor. A shower/eyewash is at the front of room
only water-soluble chemicals go down the sink. Acids and Bases are usually disposed down the sink with water running for 2-3 minutes

unlabled chemicals will be disposed of by the instructor. Lable carry-over chemicals

(chemicals used untill the next day)

your performance grade on lab will be lowered if you leave dirty equipment or lab station
listen and exstinguish flame at the 5 minute warning
rince entire lab area at the end of each period and squeegee water into the sinks
report all injuries and all skin contacts with dangerous chemicals
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