Lab 6: Determining the Molar Volume of Carbon Dioxide

__________ __________ states that equal volumes of ideal gases, under identical temperature and pressure conditions, contain equal numbers of molecules.
1) Avogadro’s Law
Under standard conditions (STP), which are a pressure of __________ and a temperature of __________, the molar volume of any ideal gas is __________.
1) 1 atm
2) 273 K
3) 22.4 L
The molar volume of a compound can be calculated by the equation:
__________ / __________
1) Volume at STP
2) Mass of sample
The mass of air is calculated by the equation:
__________ x __________
1) Density of air
2) Volume of air contained within the flask
The density of air at STP is __________.
1) 1.29g/L
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