Lab 5

Substrate for acid phosphatase in this experiment
p-nitrophenyl phosphate disodium salt
How do we determine unknown concentrations?
using a standard curve
Michaelis constant
Enzyme of prostate cancer
Prostatic acid phosphatase
Function of Restriction digestion enzymes
Cut DNA into fragments
Enzymes for drug metabolism
P450 enzymes
As more enzyme binds to substrate, what happens to the velocity of product formation?
It increases
Initial Velocity
When increase in
substrate shows a proportional
increase in rate of formation of product
Maximum Velocity
When increase in substrate shows no increase in rate of formation of product. The velocity at maximal concentrations of substrate
Michealis Menten constant
concentration of substrate that gives “half-maximal velocity”
Which organ has an unusually high concentration of acid phosphatase?
adult prostate gland
For this lab, where does the Acid Phosphatase come from?
A potato
Where do we dispose cuvettes
in regular garbage

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