Lab 10: Volumetric Analysis: An Acid-Base Titration

A __________ __________ is any highly stable substance whose purity is extremely high from which we can determine the concentration of another solution.
It will ideally have a high __________ __________.
1) Primary standard
2) Molecular weight
The NaOH base used is an example of a __________ __________ because we are using the concentration of the base as determined from the primary standard to find the concentration of the acid.
1) Secondary standard
A __________ is the use of a buret to quantitatively deliver a known amount of a solution of known concentration as it reacts with a known amount of solution of unknown concentration.
1) Titration
The reach between two solutions is known as the __________ __________ or __________ __________.
At this point the two reactants are chemically equivalent.
1) Stiochiometric point
2) Equivalent point
The solution whose concentration is known is called a __________ while a solution whose concentration is being analyzed is called the __________.
1) Tirant
2) Analyte
An __________ is usually an organic dye that changes color when the reaction is complete.
This color change indicates to the observer that the reaction is complete and is called the __________ __________.
1) Indicator
2) End point
The difference between the equivalence point and the end point is the __________ __________.
1) Titration error
The indicator used in the lab is __________ which is __________ in acid and __________ in base.
1) Pheolphthalein
2) Colorless
3) Pink
The normality is calculated as the __________ __________ / __________
1) Equivalence of acid
2) Volume of acid
__________ glassware is calibrated to contain an exact amount while __________ glassware is calibrated to deliver an exact amount.
1) TC
2) TD
A buret is a __________ piece of glassware.
1) TD
A pipet is a __________ piece of glassware.
1) TD
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