KY History Ch 2

Question Answer
Kentucky is made up of _____ geographic regions. 6
What was the first region that early settlers saw as they came west from Virginia? The Eastern Mountains and Coal Fields
The Eastern Mountains and Coal Fields is sometimes called Cumberland Plateau.
The Eastern Mountains and Coal Fields contain most of Kentucky’s forests which are part of the Daniel Boone National Forest
What helped the early migration of people into Kentucky from Virginia? The Cumberland Gap
What is a natural resource something found in nature and used by people? Coal
Kentucky’s two largest cities, Lexington and Louisville, are in what region? the Bluegrass Region.
The first permanent settlement in Kentucky was at Fort Harrod, located in the Bluegrass Region.
Because of its unique kind of grass, Kentucky is known as “The Bluegrass State.”
The Bluegrass Region is famous for its horse farms.
What is the smallest of Kentucky’s geographic regions? The Knobs
What is the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln and the site of “My Old Kentucky Home?" The Knobs
What covers the largest land area of the geographic regions? The Pennyroyal Region
Mammoth Cave National Park is in the Pennyroyal Region.
What is the longest cave system in the world? Mammoth Cave
Much of Kentucky is made up of _______, a kind of rock that wears away easily. limestone
What is named for the coal found there, but many people who live in the region actually make their living by farming? The Western Coal Fields Region
What was named for Andrew Jackson, the 7thPresident of the United States because he helped arrange the purchase with the Indians? The Jackson Purchase Region
This has sometimes been called “The Gateway to the West?" The Jackson Purchase Region
Westernmost area of Kentucky The Jackson Purchase Region
Contains a fault that could cause an earthquake. The Jackson Purchase Region
What is Kentucky’s main natural resource? coal
Kentucky has more miles of rivers than any other state except Alaska.
What form all of Kentucky’s borders except the southern one? rivers
What is so long it is known as the “Niagara of the South?” The Cumberland River
What occurs when the mist rises above the falls in the light of a full moon, forming something similar to a rainbow? A moonbow
Natural resources found in Kentucky include: coal, limestone, sand, natural gas, clay, oil
What provides a habitat for many of the United State’s plants and animals that are endangered, or at risk of becoming extinct? Wetlands
Kentucky has been called “The Horse Capital of the World.”
Kentucky’s weather is variable, which means that there are changes in the temperature and amount of precipitation from day to day.

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