Knowledge Management

What is Knowledge?
The holistic combination of experiences
and information that provides the insight to make decisions, develop opinions
and direct future behaviour.
What is Tacit Knowledge
Is generally abstract and embedded in individual experiences
and difficult to communicate
unless demonstrated through active involvement
What is Explicit Knowledge
Involves formal language and standard procedures and thus is easier to communicate and understand than tacit knowledge
What is Knowledge Management
The process of developing and controlling the intellectual capital of employees (their work related knowledge)
What is Strategic Knowledge Management
Refers to a long term process that uses both tacit and explicit knowledge to cultivate organisational learning which is then shared amongst organisational members to achieve a strategic goal
What is Human Knowledge
This includes what people know or know how to perform, and usually includes both tacit and explicit knowledge.
What is Social Knowledge
The knowledge we learn from relationships and may result from both individual and group associations
What is Structured Knowledge
This comprises of structured and formalised rules procedures and routines ingrained within an organisational setting
What is Knowledge Work
The behaviour that results in the end product of knowledge being delivered
How is knowledge created
1. Sharing Tacit Knowledge
2. Creating Concepts
3. Justifying Concepts
4. Building a prototype
5. Cross-levelling Knowledge
What is Knowledge Transfer
The movement of information skills and ideas from one entity to another
What is Organisational Learning
A system wide approach to learning.
How Organisations Learn
1. Reflections on what practices are and why, and what practices are working and why and what practices are not working and why
2. Experimenting with new practices and learning through trial and error
3. Learning from others within and external to the organisation by observing and seeking advice
4. Researching practices of other organisations and academic literature on the topic
What is a learning organisation
Is simply a type of organisation that has the ability to change and adapt continuously to new environments and circumstances through the aquisition of new knowledge
What is Culture
Culture is defined as the shared values, assumptions, beliefs and perceptions that guide the behaviour of organisational members.
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