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Customer service in business is often poor because there is a problem with communication somewhere in the business. The communication needs to be effective as it is very important so that the message is intended to be sent gets across and is understood. For example: When a customer in a restaurant spends fifteen minutes studying the menu before choosing he or she does not want to be told ‘ sorry ‘ that the order they have chosen is off and then have to choose all over again.

Good customer service would have been changed the menu and tell customers about the changes.When companies positively react to meeting the customers’ needs, customer loyalty is strengthened and eventually revenues increase. However, when companies ignore customers’ needs, the opposite happens. Types of communication Face-to-Face Communication Face-to-face is a common method of communication.

It is not just talking to each other but also it covers facial expressions, handshakes, pointing and body language. Increase of e-commerce is begging to change this method of communication. Written Communications Written communications varies from writing a address for a customer or a 500 page report.The excellence of the product will determine the customer expectation from the business. The customer will look at the quality of the product and compare this with the service which they receive from the business. For example if the product is electronic they would expect more service and information because of the its feature.

Knowledge Customers may ask for information and advice about the product. This can be done by written instruction or they may decide to ask a member of staff. The staff can only do this if they have good product knowledge and a ability of matching the product to customers needs

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