Knipp – chemical reactions

physical change
any change that alters the appearance of a substance without changing its chemical makeup
chemical reaction
a change in matter that results in a new substance(s)
a solid that forms from a solution in a chemical reaction
endothermic reaction
a reaction where energy is absorbed
exothermic reaction
a reaction where energy (heat) is produced
chemical equation
a group of symbols and formulas to illustrate a chemical reaction
substances at the beginning of a chemical equation
substances at the end of a chemical equation
conservation of mass
during a chemical reaction matter is not created or destroyed
open system
matter can escape during an experiment
closed system
matter cannot escape during an experiment
prefix number
indicates the number of molecules in a compound
subscript number
indicates the number of atoms in one molecule of a compound
synthesis reaction
reaction where two or more compounds are combined to form one compound
a reaction where one substance is broken down into two or more substances
single replacement
one element replaces another element in a compound
double replacement
two elements swap places in compounds
activation energy
energy required to start a chemical reaction
the amount of substance in a given volume
the amount of substance in a given volume
a chemical that speeds up a reaction
a biological catalyst
a chemical that slows down or stops a reaction
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