Key words and Definitions

what is a biodiesel?
a biofuel made from vegetable oils.
what does carbon neuteral mean?
overall, does not add carbon dioxide into the atmosphere whcih would be potentially dangerous.

what is ethanol?


a biofuel mnade from wheat, sugar can or sugar beet. It is an alcohol.
what are biofuels?
fuels made from plants.
what is a fuel cell?
a device which can produce electricity without burning or combusting anything.
what are antacids?>
medicines whcih neutralise stomach acids.
what are alkenes?
hydrocarbon molecules with single or double bonds.
what is an aqueous solution?
substances that have been disolved in water.
what does unsaturated mean?
when there are double bonds in a molecule.
what is carbon monoxide?
a result of incomplete combustion. it is also a poisinous gas.
what is ratio?
a mathematical term for proportion.

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