Key Point from Radical Marketing Case Studies

In order to be successful, Snap-On Tools learned that you not only need to offer high quality products and service but you also needed what?
To make the products accessible to the customer
How did The Grateful Dead represent the best of Radical Marketing?
The Grateful Dead represents the best of radical marketing because it focused on a consistent value proposition that built loyalty with their customers.
The Radical Marketing textbook defines a passionate missionary as?
customers or employees who really believe in the product and tell others about it
What was the first rule of marketing for Richard Branson at Virgin Atlantic?
That the CEO must own the marketing function.
2. What other factors make Richard Branson a Radical Marketing success?
He chose to buy companies who targeted underserved customers, he maintained close contact with customers and did not choose businesses based on his previous experience in their type of business
What made Iams a great example of a Radical Marketer?
The CEO owned the marketing function, he stayed close to his customers who were the pets and did not invest heavily in advertising. Instead, he poured that money into the product and travel to meet face to face with customers.
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