judical review

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judicial review allow the courts to rule constitutionally of laws
murbury v. madison allows the courts to rule on the constutionally of laws giving the court the power to strike down or reinforce policy
judiciary act of 1781 set up federal judicary
write of mandamal we commonly appear court talks lower courts to follow rulings
federal court system step 1-ditrict courts 1 judge 94 us district -hear 342,00 cases/yrtrial by jury only federal court with jury
step 2 appeals court appeals circuit courts12 courts of appeal one for each district hear 61,00 cases/yr1 court devoted to patent law
no cases start here , review district court decisions is what court appeals court
how many panels of judges appeals court have 3 judges or sometimes more
what are the four circuits Nc,Sc,Va, Richmond
what can appeals court do they can only issue 3 decisions , uphold,reverse, remain send back to lower court to be tired again
step 3 supreme court 2007 argued 84 cases decide 71
writ of certiorali lower court needs to send records to higher courts
how many judges in the supreme court 8 judges
rule of 4 equals 4 justices needed to agree to hear a case 9 justices , 1 chief justice
orginal jursdiction hear case 1st
concurrent jurdistion both federal and state court can hera case
appellate court authority to hear case on appeals
exclusive jurisdiction only federal courts can hear case
8 types of exclusive jurisdiction the consttion,federal law, disputes between states, citizens from different states ,the federal government, foreign governments and treaties,admiraity and maritime lawas high seas,u.s diplomats
how many different state courts system only in federal system 50
supreme court limited the authority in article 3 diplomats and forign countriesdisputes dealing with state State vs state
orginal jurdistion mostly on 7 cases
what do all courts do in supreme all other cases must start at the district court level and work there way up
circuit the area of jurisdiction of a federal court appeals
jurdistion a court authority to hear and decide case
Exclusive jurdistion authority to only hear federal courts t hear and decide cases
concurrent jursdiction authority for both state and federal courts to hear and decide cases
orginal jurdustion the authority to hear cases for the first time
appellate jurdistion the authotrity of a court to hear a case appealed from a lower court
district court federal court where trials are held and lawsuits are begun
appelas court a court that reviews deisions made in lower ditrict courts
remand to send a case back to a lower court to be tried again
opioion a detailed explantion of the legal thinking behind a courts decision in a case
precedent a ruling that is used as the basis for a judicial decision in a later similar case
magistrates police courts generally located in larger town may handle traffic violations cvil cases involving small amount of money
judicial review the power of the supreme court to say whether only federal state or local law govt action against the constion
constitutional in accordance with the constution
state decis the process of using earlier judial rulings as a basis for deciding cases
docket a courts calender , showing the schedule of cases its is to hear

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