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A War Against Boys In today’s society people are always looking to blame someone or something for the way something is run or happening. In Michael Skimmer’s essay, he presents the Idea that many people believe that our boys are In trouble. By this he means that they are not being looked at the same way they once were, rambunctious, loud, strong, men. This Is what we think he Is saying, but going a little bit deeper we see that he truly goes not believe there Is a war on boys, and In fact they are doing better then most people think.

In Michael Skimmer’s essay, “A War Against Boys”, he believes that there really Is no war against boys. Kismet suggests that these assumptions being made by current boy advocates saying that educational reforms want to empower girls performance while hindering boys, and that boys are being discriminated against at a young age creates a false opposition. In all actuality, the number of men going to college has increased drastically compared to women since the sass’s.

Also, if anyone is to blame for the amount of men’s decreasing educational abilities, it is the men themselves because “boys bump up against the norms of masculinity”, regarding English as a feminine subject, says Kismet. The author also mentions that there is more race imbalance in schools today then there are gender imbalances, but people tend to overlook that because it is easier to blame boys for Just being boys. Kismet states that we cannot set the bar too low or too high for men, being that each man is rewired in their own.

Kismet concludes that there is no such thing as a war on boys I do not agree that boys are doing worse, but in fact doing much better then they used to in the educational system. I believe that in today’s society both men and women are equal in education and other fields. As the essay by Michael Kismet stated, the amount of men going to college has increased drastically since the sass’s. Today the amount of students going to college is 64 percent boys and 70 percent of girls.

In fact, Kismet stated that that a woman with a college degree earns about the same amount as a man with only a high school degree. So in conclusion, I believe that boys are doing Just as good the girls of today’s generation. I believe this was a very Informative essay that gave a lot of Information on the boys In today’s world. People have changed and come a long way. The essay stated that past times were easier for boys but that Is not true. Boys used to get In trouble then more then they would today for being loud or Just regular boys.

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