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Like Starsky and Hutch. Jaws and flared denims. Jonathan Livingston Seagull was one of the hits of the seventiess. It was even made into a film. But what precisely is this book. and is it still worth reading? Bach’s best seller is an uplifting fabrication of a sea gull. Jonathan. who decides he is much more than merely a sea gull. who wants something else out of life. It consists of fewer than 100 pages. including many moony exposure of chumps in action. The book is now a symbol of the option or New Age spiritualty that emerged at this clip – yet as many have noted. Jonathan’s experience in the narrative is an fable for the life of Jesus Christ. Flying into the unknown

Jonathan is different to other birds in his flock: “For most chumps. it is non winging that affairs. but eating. For this chump. though. it was non eating that mattered. but flight. ” His male parent tells him that “The ground you fly is to eat” . and that winging for the interest of it is non done. Still. Jonathan spends his yearss experimenting with high-velocity honkytonks and winging really low over the H2O. He wants to force his bounds. to happen out what is possible. Often. it ends in despairing failure. He resigns himself to merely being portion of the flock. making things the manner they had ever been done. But one twenty-four hours he tries a honkytonk. and is able to speed up to a hundred and 40 stat mis per hr. “a grey cannon ball under the moon” . The following twenty-four hours. he goes even beyond this. over two 100 stat mis per hr. the fastest a chump had of all time flown. In his jubilation Jonathan flies down from the highs and flies right through his ain flock. fortunately non killing anyone. He realizes he has taken his species to a new degree. Once he teaches them what he knows. he thinks. they will no longer hold a tired life of traveling from one fishing boat to another. picking up fish caputs merely to last. He will demo them a higher degree of being. Genius banished

Yet the following twenty-four hours. Jonathan is summoned to stand before the chump Council. For his ‘reckless irresponsibility’ he is shamed and banished from the flock. He is told he does non understand the intent of gull life – to eat to remain alive every bit long as possible. Out at the Far Cliffs. Jonathan spends his yearss entirely. sad non so much for himself but for the possibilities the flock has spurned. For all the clip he is happening new ways to make things. From his winging experiments he discovers that a controlled high-speed honkytonk into the H2O can acquire the better-tasting fish which swim some distance below the surface. Ironically. his love of winging itself has lead to an copiousness of nutrient. Jonathan subsequently meets a group of more advanced chumps. chumps like him who fly for the interest of it. They take him into another dimension. a kind of Eden for chumps. and he is told that he is a one-in-a-million chump. because he has learned the lesson of life: that it is non merely to ‘get through’ but to seek your ain flawlessness in some manner. Most chumps have to travel through a 1000 lives before they realize this. In the author’s words: “We take our following universe through what we learn in this 1. Learn nil. and the following universe is the same as this 1. all the same restrictions and lead weights to get the better of. ” We must seek our ain flawlessness ; this is the ground for life. Final word

It might take merely half an hr to read. but Jonathan Livingston Seagullcan clear the head and raise the sights. like a walk on the beach external respiration in the salty air. It is easy now. 35 old ages on. to overlook the originality of the book’s construct. and though some find it instead naive. in fact it expresses dateless thoughts about human potency. When you go to the seaboard you see chumps ever quibbling over a individual French Fry or a bread crust. and believe. ‘How they squabble over nil! ’ Yet this book shows us that most people are like the chumps in Jonathan’s flock: if they merely got out of their narrow mentalities they would recognize what wealths awaited them. Like the British adventurer of the same name. Jonathan Livingston knows that “The chump sees farthest who flies highest” . If chew overing large alterations in your life. this book may animate the assurance you need. it teaches us to make what you want to make disregarding what others will believe of you. . but we should full heartedly pattern to accomplish our dream merely like Jonathon Livingston. each clip he pattern he comes to cognize the error in his fly wants flawlessness so he spends yearss and darks larning more about the velocity and flight. That’s all I wanted to reply. .

The first lesson that became obvious to me was the lesson of how to populate freely. To be able to populate the manner you want and non caring about the sentiments of others. This seems to me to be the most of import lesson I have learned from this book. because even though this may be the hardest lesson to follow I believe it gives you the greatest satisfaction. I have learned in recent old ages that by merely following the “flock” you can do yourself to be really defeated. but by following your ain bosom you can surprise yourself as to how happy you can be. Get downing now and go oning into the hereafter I plan to populate by my ain values and non be ashamed if I think otherwise from the remainder of my equals. To genuinely unrecorded freely though. it is inevitable that some tough picks will hold to be made and that is the 2nd lesson I attained from the book. Throughout our lives we will be faced with picks and it is our determination to either take the way that will allow us be genuinely and freely happy or the way that others think we should follow. Using this to my ain life may be a small hard at first because it is ever hard to travel against the grain but I think that over clip by bit by bit doing proper picks for myself I could eventually make my true felicity. Another lesson that affected me was how we need to dispute our ain confining self-beliefs. From the clip we are born we are told what is right. what is incorrect. and what to believe.

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