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“l Lucia have read and understand the instructions for this quiz. I have neither given nor received any help, guidance, and/or Information from any person during this quiz. The work of this quiz Is completely my own work. Submitting this completed quiz confirms that I have followed and not violated any honor codes with which I have agreed to comply. ” 1 . Albertson plans to place Joint Juice in the pharmacy section of their stores, positioned as a supplement.

Safely plans to place Joint Juice in the beverage aisle, positioned as a beverage. Which store placement and positioning is better for the Eng-term expansion for Joint Juice? Why? Assume no future formulation changes to the product. Joint Juice Is the only product in the form of beverage on the market. It has an advantage over the solid pills containing glutamine by Integrating orange Juice and fruit flavor to mask Its key Ingredient. As we can see all these aspects Indicate that this beverage Is a unique product on the market.

The company current strategy Is to stay regional and learning while growing, but now It has the opportunity to go national with two of the country’s largest grocery chains.

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Joint Juice should expand its geographical target by growing into a national product and the company has two ways; go national with Safely or with Albertson. The two options Join Juice has available are both attractive because the market is growing very fast in this category and it is the right moment to make an important decision.

After analyzing both companies Safely and Albertson and their proposals I believe that Joint Juice even If It has started positioned as a beverage has to change Its positioning Into a supplement. The reason Is the market capacity of this category, the U. S. Dietary supplement Is estimated to be 10. $ billion and It has experienced a very fast growth In the last 7 years. Therefore the market Is very prospective.

Even If this choice looks more risky and aggressive ‘it is all or nothing’ I think that in the long run would be more profitable than the other one, because Safely just want to sell Joint Juice in the beverage aisle like a Redouble or Vitamin water. Actually there is a lot of competition in this sector and Joint Juice would spend huge amounts of money in the marketing of its product. In addition Safely is not interested in the OLD pouches. That is why I think that the best option is to follow the Albertson proposal ND place the Join Juice in the pharmacy section of their stores as a supplement.

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