Johnson and Johnson Company Analysis

How is J&J able to incorporate its organizational diversity into its decision-making process?

There is a few thoughts about J&J’s organizational diversity. Some think that it helps to meet right decisions, but others say that the firm should be separated for better functioning of the company. J&J views itself as the health-care organization that includes three entities. For example, CEO Ralph Larsen insists that such diversity helps to make decisions. According to him, they are always well-informed about the commercial issues of the firm in all spheres thanks to their organization. Knowledge plays one of the most important roles in our times of IT technologies. Without being well-informed, a company cannot successfully function on the commercial market. Moreover, such organizational diversity helps to practice different organizational styles that helps managers to decide which one is better. Furthermore, such variety gives an opportunity for every subgroup of the firm to make a contribution towards taking decisions noticeably improving the quality of the company’s performance. It is like the functioning of separate components which generate new ideas and solutions.

How does the management of J& hope that frameworS will help with creativity within organization?

Creativity in decision-making plays one of the most important roles in our times of information and technologies. Everything changes itself with at lighting speed. It provides managers with new ideas of problem solution as non-routine problems require new ways of making-decision in our dynamic environment. Without creative ideas, a company cannot meet the most optimal decisions. The managers of J&J understand the importance of this factor and, as a consequence, elaborated the number of frameworks that should help with creativity within the organization. The aim of the first framework was an investigation of health care market, its changes, and needs. Members of this investigation were splitting into little teams to make a substantial research on this area. As a result, a new special department was created that focuses on certain questions increasing the creativity of its employees in a certain problem, for example, Health Care Systems. The second framework was created to increase the innovation in products, services, processes, and management. The management of J&J hopes that it will help to meet all demands of the market.

How does J&J attempt to infuse ethics into its decision-making?

From the very beginning of the company, it had a credo that makes emphasis on the significance of ethical behavior and putting first customers but not stockholders. The firm management is sure that when the company follows this credo, it will always be successful on the commercial market. The management of the firm tries to monitor the ethical level of its workers by different trainings where it is easier to control all these processes. The management of the corporation insists that they listen only to their customers but also to its workers encouraging them to make their own contribution to the company’s performance. The autonomous operating company organization helps with it meeting the local requirements of customers. Splitting in nominal investigation groups, firm members make a research on customers’ needs and inform the other parts of the organization to increase its productivity, meanwhile, involving every employee into ethical behavior. In addition to this, the firm respects the moral and cultural convictions of both employees and customers. Ethics means also the respect to every culture that they serve that includes taking into consideration different needs of different cultures.

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