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Teacher Name: Verette Redmond Subject/Grade Level: Physics 11th & 12th Date of Lesson: 10/4/2013 Lesson Objective: SWBAT or SWU… SWBAT describe objects in equilibrium and describe different types of forces in terms of the Law of InertiaLanguage Objective: Demonstration of Learning: Given a free body diagram, SWBAT describe if an object is an in equilibrium and explain what forces are causing it to be in or out. | Unit Title: DynamicsUnit Question: How do forces interact with each other to move objects?Focus TEKS/Standards: 4.P(D) calculate the effect of forces on objects, including the law of inertia, the relationship between force and acceleration, and the nature of force pairs between objectsUnit Big Goal: SWBAT correctly identify and quantify forces and determine how they interact |
Agenda Item | Description | Check for Understanding/Formative Assessment | TimeAllotted |
Do NowGoal(s):0 Establish sense of urgency and purpose0 Activate prior knowledge0 Engage scholars | No Do Now today as there is a weekly Quiz. | Target Range:5 min |
| | |
Hook | Students will watch the following clip to introduce themselves to inertiahttp://www. | 2 |
Cycle 1Goal(s):0 State the objective and intended learning outcome0 Introduce new material and vocabulary | Key points (3-5)Weekly Quiz will be given during this cycle over Projectile motion and circular motion. | ————————————————-
CFU (What and How/Exemplar Response)————————————————-
Guided Practice | Target Range:10-15 min |
| | | 20 |
Cycle 2 Goal(s):0 Restate the objective and how this relates0 Provide opportunity for extension, elaboration, and exploration of the content. | Teacher will bring the class back together after the weekly assessment to begin the lesson for today.

This lesson is so that students have an introduction to Newton’s First Law:The…

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