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?Job opportunities are high in India because now India is developed so many mnc are open their branch in India. Here they invest low price then get high profit. So they open new branches from that we have lot of job opportunities have been produced ? Yes job opportunities are more in India, which is developing now. Many foreign companies are Opening their branches in India in the name of BPO’s and CALL CENTERS. ?The main reason why these foreign companies are opting India is due to the simple fact that India has many graduates and unemployed youth who are ready to accept a job with less pay then their foreign counter parts.

Due to which they will gain more profits. ?As India is a developing country, the Job opportunities in India are more. ?India has large number of graduates and postgraduates in each and every field such as science and technology, IT sector, arts, etc. ?As the graduates and postgraduates in India are ready to expose themselves to the world of competition, they are ready to work for less pay. The main reason for that is, the people want experience and exposure to different environment where the chance of learning several things is more.

?Money matters less for people who have the capacity to prove themselves.

The foreign companies in the present that’s openings their branches in India because they knew that Indians are hardworking and they have the zeal to accept and work for the upliftment of their country ? No job opportunities are not only more in India but they are also more in other countries like china, Japan etc. reason is now Chinese. Japanese they are also equally competent to u and us know why china has seen a drastic change in their development? B’s they work even harder and smarter than us. Even more people and more opportunities are there in India do u known that we are also ranking high in unemployment? As far as job opportunities are considered they are more in china and Japan but they don’t give a chance to foreigners as in US.

?If we consider the opportunities for Indians I think there are more opportunities in India than in US or any other country abroad as most of the mnc’s are opening their branches here. ?Hi everybody…

Now a day’s job opportunity is more than any other country in this world. But problem is ratio of job opportunities to job seeker in our country is very less compare to US, Europe countries because of huge population of our country.

Because of BPO jobs, it alleviates pain of lot of job seekers in our country. Major positive ability of our Indian is good in technical knowledge, fluent in English as well as ready to work for less salary. SO than have been with standing in this world. ?HI FRIENDS Yah as u said job opportunity are more in India.

There are so many reasons for this. As India is a developing country here everybody wants to expose his knowledge and here cost is less, people are ready to work in less price also. So many companies are ready to open their branch in India.

And as compare to other country Indians are more fluent English speaking. One more thing is if we see other than software, India is full of natural recourses so foreign industrialists want use their new technology here. So no of mncs are increasing.

?In my opinion job opportunities are not high in India with respect to foreign countries especially Europe and US. In India there are huge number of unemployed educated person but the employment is very less. Current operating companies in India can’t even sufficient to accommodate the students who have great educational qualification.

But now India’s growth rate (sensex crossed 10000) is on pick, so we can expect here more opportunities in near future. ?Hello, Job opportunities are increasing in INDIA compare to China, Philippines and other foreign countries. The reason is quite simple.

The MNC’s are getting the Quality output at cheaper cost compare to other countries. And Indians are technically sound. So if you really have the talent and ready to work hard, there are many opportunities in INDIA compare to other countries ? Well to start with…

In my opinion it’s a quite easy yet difficult to answer. Opportunity to a job raises many questions such as which type of job and in which field? Job opportunities in every country depends upon many factors such as Tourism, technology, business, agriculture. And it also depends upon fast growing and economically favorable field. And the one and only fast growing field and economically favorable field is software in India. Coming to the point yes India is having more job opportunities in particular areas like technology especially in software field and hardware field and bpo’s.

And I hope even other fields have equal opportunities but difficult to get into (like govt jobs, coz there will be many criteria to pass through). And fortunately in software field there will be not criteria except academic. In my opinion opportunity of jobs depend upon the particular favorable factors in that country. For example consider Switzerland, Swiss people concentrate more on tourism and getting into such jobs people feel it as opportunity there. But in our country we don’t concentrate on tourism much.

So job opportunity in tourism is very less compared to other countries.

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