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Most of us know about Jesus Christ and his life. Therefore. I will briefly cover Jesus in this paper. As for Muhammad. I will try to cast some visible radiation on the topic of this “Messenger of God” . Possibly a better apprehension of this Islamic icon can be obtained and understood through this comparative essay. Both of these spiritual figures caused a reclamation of religion and belief in the 1 and merely God. or Allah as the Muslims know Him by.

Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ. boy of God. was born to Mary and Joseph in Bethlehem. Israel. He was baptized by John the Baptist. When Jesus was baptized God called out from Heaven and declared “This is my darling son” . This signified that Jesus was the Messiah. Jesus had twelve comrades oh his choosing. These were his adherents. besides known as the apostles. They went with Jesus in his travels. In these travels. Jesus taught the multitudes about God through fables and discourses.

Jesus performed many miracles to turn out that he was the boy of God. He used his holy powers to get the better of nature. disease and even decease itself. He made trusters out of many people that had witnessed the miracles. These miracles. along with his instructions. caused many to laud God and believe that Jesus was genuinely the Messiah. The Messiah was foretold to be the Jesus of the universe and the King of the Jews. Sadly. the Judaic leaders did non believe that Jesus was the Messiah. The Jews had Jesus arrested. He was about released by the Roman Governor Pilate but the Jews threatened to riot. Pilate gave in and sentenced Jesus to be crucified.

Delivering on the promise that he had made to his adherents. Jesus came back to life after he had died on the cross. As it is told in the Bible. He was sealed up in a restrained grave. An angel came and scared the heck out of the guards and fled the scene. The adherents subsequently went to the grave to detect it empty. Jesus had died on the cross for the wickednesss of humanity and had risen from the dead. therefore once more turn outing that he was the true Messiah. The Prophet Muhammad was born in 569A. D. in Makkah. besides known as Mecca. Saudi Arabia.

He was raised by his gramps. Abdul Muttalib. This was because Muhammad’s male parent had died before he was born. Upon his grandfather’s decease. he was brought up by his uncle Abu Talib. The Makkans claim to be descended from Abraham by Ismail. ( Pickthall. M. ) Therefore. it could be said that [ Islam ] ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. associatedcontent. com/topic/6753/islam. hypertext markup language ) is similar to Christianity in the fact that both are Abrahamic faiths.

Muhammad journeyed with his uncle with a group of merchandisers that traded is Syria. Muhammad finally became the merchandiser for the affluent widow Khadijah. Although she was 15 old ages older that Muhammad the two came to be married for 26 old ages. His matrimony put him in good standing with the Makkahan people of ill fame. This. along with his first-class behaviors in concern and society. earned him the family name Al-Amin which meant “trustworthy” . ( Pickthall. M. )

Muhammad was a non-conformist to the popular faith of his clip. The House of Allah. known as the Kabah. was said to be built by Abraham for the worship of Allah merely. Kabah had come to be a topographic point of worship to other graven images as good. Muhammad and others like him were known as Hunafa. They desired to cognize the true faith of Abraham and did non hold with the current worship of many graven images. ( Pickthall. M. )

The Hunafa sought the truth through interior contemplation or speculation. Muhammad’s topographic point of [ speculation ] ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. associatedcontent. com/topic/4047/meditation. hypertext markup language ) was known as Hira. a cave located in the Mountain of Light. near Makkah. This is where the angel Jibril. known as Gabrial to Christians. revealed to Muhammad his fate. The angel appeared to Muhammad and stated “O Muhammad! Thou art Allah’s courier. and I am Jibril” . ( Pickthall. M. )

At first. Muhammad was rather disturbed by this event. He came to footings with his intent and began to prophesy. In the beginning of his ministry he merely preached to his household and friends. This was chiefly due to the people of Makkah believing that Muhammad had gone brainsick. ( Pickthall. M. )

After a few old ages the prophesier Muhammad was commanded by Allah to get down to prophesy to the populace in order to change over the heathen Arabs to Islamic beliefs. Muhammad and his converts were met with much resistance by the Quraysh. They wanted to go on to idolise their heathen Gods. The bulk of Muhammad’s converts were powerless in defence against the Quraysh. The persecution was atrocious. Muhammad urged all of his converts that were able to get away Makkah and travel to the Christian state of Abyssinia which is now Ethiopia. ( Pickthall. M. )

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