Jessica ELA Vocab

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To use specific details from the text to create the movie in your mind. The more you see details in your head the better you will remember details later Visualize
Stop and pay attention. If you are confused, stop and reread to see if your comprehension improves. Clarify
Relate to what you read. Be specific !! Connect
Ask things about the text, write down things on post its. Read on and record your answers if possible. Question
Refers to connection made between a text being read and something that occurs in the world Text to World
A scene in a movie or a text set in a time earlier then the main story. Flashback
An educated guess about something based on clues you are given. Infer
True to figure out what will happen next based upon what you have read. To take an educated guess. Predict
The meaning of a word based on the words or phrases around it, and the way the word is used Context Clues
A hint or a clue the author puts in the movie or the text that may not be understood until later Foreshadowing
Refers to connections made between the text and the readers experience. Text to self
Develop your own ideas and opinions about characters, and events. Evaluate

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