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War in 1941, there were a lot of Japanese people that suffered and died. It was a very harsh time for the U. S but a lot more for the Japanese. In a couple of movies that were made from this time period, brought all the Instincts of how the Japanese were treated and how they were pulled away from their families.

The United States congress was the one that declared war toucan in response of the Pearl Harbor attack. A lot of Japanese people were treated poorly because of all the power the United

States Congress had against the Japanese Empire. Japanese people would sacrifice themselves to save their family and they would go fight In the war that was caused by the Pearl Harbor attack. Japanese people would walk miles and miles to get food; this war was so bad that a lot of people ended up dying of diseases and starvation and even from sacrifices that they had made for their country. This war of Japan and the U.

S led Germany and Italy to go against the U. S as well because Japan was their alleles. When Germany and Italy got against the U.

S as well, It created World War 2. When World War 2 started it all became a disaster for the Japanese and specially the U. S.

A lot of people died for many reasons and there were Just a lot of conflicts In between the Ferreira 2 governments. What was sadder to me was the fact that a lot of Japanese walked miles and miles barefoot without food and some wouldn’t even make it back to their family not eat for a lot of days, according to the movie we saw in class. People would trade a lot of their materials for food or warm clothes or just things that were really needed. In the U.

S a lot of things were also traded but there was a lot more trade in the Japanese Empire. The Japan Empire had a lot of soldiers, a lot of them would die and only 1 out of 10 would come back home.

In the film we watched, the soldier made it back home with his family. This moment was very emotional not only for the family but for himself to because he must have been proud of what he had done for the country and he was probably happy that his family was all safe after everything that had happened In this time period. The Japanese and the U. S war ended in August 6th 1945.

This war .NET on for years and it didn’t end until Japan invaded a lot of countries and U. S surrendered. This movie did tell the story of this fellow soldier and how horrible his life was, all because of the war between the Japanese and the U. S.

This soldier was really loyal to his country and even though he struggled he did the best for his family. The and it also caused a lot of people to die. But after all this suffrage Japan now has an a lot better community and government and so does the U. S. So this movie showed us a lot on how the Japanese suffered and how strong they really are.

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