Jake, Kajol, Giselle, Lucas Marketing

Product, place, price, promotion
What are the 4 P’s of Marketing?
Getting people to buy products
What is Marketing?
Print, Guerrilla, Broadcast, Outdoor, Product Placement, and Internet Advertising
What are the different types of ads?
To determine which goods and services to produce
What’s the purpose of market research?
Direct and indirect
Channels of distribution are classified in which two ways?
Distributors, wholesalers, retailers, internet
What are the major types of intermediaries?
Print, broadcast, cyber
What are the biggest medias for advertisers?
People drive by too quickly
What’s the main disadvantage of outdoor ads such as billboards?
Spreads awareness
Why is marketing important?
Group of customers who share the same wants and needs
What is a market?
Beauty and the Beast
In which movie was the song, “Be Our Guest”?
In what year did the movie, “High School Musical” release?

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