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1.) Italy is located in Europe near the Mediterranean Sea.Italy is in the northeast hemispherre.
2.) Italy is located 44 degrees north and 11 degrees east.
3.) Switzerland is located to the north of Italy.
4.) Greece is located to the east of Italy.
5.) Spain is located to the west of Italy.
6.) Malta is located to the south of Italy.
7.) Rome is the capital of Italy.Vatican City, Sicily, and San Marino are some of the major cities in Italy.
8.) The population of Italy is 58 million.
9.) The area in square miles of Italy is 113,540 miles.


1.) Italy has a sunny summer with hot and dry winds called siroccos.
2.) In the winter, cool moist air from the Atlantic Ocean, which replaces warm air, which makes it cool, but not really cold in Italy.
3.) Landforms of Italy are as follows: 1.The Alps 2.The Appennines Mountains 3.Mount Erna 4.Po River Valley 5.Po River
4.) A high percentage of the population in Italy speaks Italian.
5.) Italy celebrates the religious festivals of the Roman Catholic Church.More than 98% of Italy is Roman Catholic.Vatican City (In Rome) is the headquarters of

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the Roman Catholic Church.
6.) Farmers on the Po River grow wheat, corn, rice, and sugar beats. Farmers also grow grapes, which are used for wine. Skilled workers produce cars, machinery, chemicals, clothing, and leather in the Po River Valley.Factories in the northern region use hydroelectric power from water sources in the Alps.
7.) Plant life in Italy (to name a few) are cotton plants, cypress, and pine trees. A few animals that live in Italy are the marmot, chamois, and ibex.
8.) In Italys capitol, Rome, there are a lot of things to do. Rome is the eternal city.Iit is the keeper of historic ruins, ancient monuments, and beautiful churches and palaces.

1.) In Venice, houses are built on stilts so that they arent underwater.
2.) Farmers grow wheat, corn, rice, and grapes. They raise cattle, sheep, pigs, horses and chickens.
3.) 3 resources of Italy are fish and seafood, natural gas, and tobacco.
4.) Italy is one of the worlds top producers of grapes, which are used to make wine. Italys wine is imported all over the world. Manufacturers in Italy produce cars, machinery, chemicals, clothing, and leather goods.
5.) People have made Venice a city, it is completely water!
6.) People hurt Italy in the past by polluting Venices waterways. Today there are stricter rules about pollution to the waterways.

1.) Venice is a famous waterway in Italy.
2.) Italy exports machinery, petroleum, and copper.
3.) Italy imports machinery, lead, and seafood.
4.) France, because it is connected to Italy, and you do not have to cross an ocean to get to it.
5.) No, for hundreds of years Italy was the heart of western civilization. The Roman Empire (based in Italy) influenced government, art, and architecture for all of Europe.
1.) Italy is located in southern Europe.

Landforms: Mountainous
Climate: Summers are sunny with hot, dry winds. Winters are mildly cool.
Farm crops: Grapes, wheat, corn, rice, sugarbeets
Culture: Most of Italy is Italian.98% are Roman Catholic.
Industries: Cars and machinery
Government: Democratic
Language: Italian
Religion: Roman Catholic
History: Italy was the heart of the western civilization. The Roman Empire influenced all of Europe.
Ethnic groups: Italian
Economy: Unbalanced wealth is unevenly distributed.
Farm Animals: Cows, pigs, poultry

Landforms: Mostly flat
Climate: Hot summers. Winters are very cold with a lot of snowfall.
Farm Crops: Corn, wheat, beans, strawberries, cucumbers, lettuce
Farm Animals: Cows, horses, and pigs.
Culture: Mostly speak the English language, mixed religion
Industries: Used to have the Studebaker Company
Government: Democratic and republicans
Language: Mostly english, some other languages
Religion: Mixed religions
History: Chippewa and Potowatomi Indians thrived here. Studebaker cars were once manufactured.
Ethnic Groups: Mixed

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