Italian 1

Question Answer
Ciao Hello! Goodbye!
Salve Hello (formal)
Burn giorno Good morning (good day)
Bouna sera Good evening
Buona notte Good night
Arrivederci Goodbye
A domani I'll see you tomorrow
A presto I'll see you soon
Come si chiama? What is your name?Formal
Come ti chiami? What is your name? Familiar
Mi chiamio… My name is…
(Molto) piacere (Very) nice to meet you
Ti presento.. Let me youFamiliar singular
Vi presento I introduce to you… Familiar plural
Di dove sei tu? Where are you from? Familiar singular
Di dov'e' Lei? Where are you from? Formal singular
Sono di… I am from…
Piacere mio My pleasure
Per favore/Per piacere Please
Grazie Thank you
Grazie millie Thanks a million
Prego Your welcome/ That's quite all right
Scusi Excuse meFormal
Scusa Excuse me Familiar
Come sta How are you? Formal
Come stai? How are you? Familiar
Come va How's it going?Familiar
Been, grazie, e Lei? Fine thank you and you?Formal
Bene, grazie, e tu? Fine, thank you and you? Familiar
Molto bene Very well
Non c'e' male Not bad
Cosi Cosi So-so

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