IT manager

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IT manager is capacitated to take decisions for the smooth, secure and consistent working of the organization at all points of time. The decisions rest on giving the organization the right mode of continuity in operations and securing their data and information for restricted access.

1) Should you use a firewall?

The decision as to the use of firewall depends on the communication pattern of the organization. If the enterprise in engaged in communicating in a network, may it be intranet, extranet or internet, it would require self to safeguard against network vulnerabilities and unrestricted access. As technology has skyrocketed and all forms of communication has taken the shape of digital form, so the very requirement of a firewall is necessary for the smooth functioning of the organization. Therefore the use of a firewall is must (Forouzan, 2003).

2) Should you use antivirus systems?

Business communication is essentially over the digital network and often or almost involves the private and public network into consideration. The use of antivirus systems is a must for safeguarding a system against malicious programs which may infect the network systems and enable large scale security hazards to the safety of information. Thereafter the use of antivirus systems is very important for protecting a network or a system from intruders and hackers (Tanenbaum, 2003).

3) Should you use an intrusion-detection system?

Internet is an immeasurable world of several forms of activity which provides both positive and negative aspects of communication and network access. The use of intrusion detection system enables an organization to detect at any point of time the vulnerable factors that are affecting an organization so that they are able to manage their risk factors for better protection and safeguard.

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