It Is Possible to Go to School Yet Not Become Educated: True or False

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There is a distinct difference between an educated person who fully embraces learning and a person who has simply progressed through schooling to achieve the qualifications needed to perform and advance in society. Humans are not born with the innate knowledge and skills needed to survive in the world but must be schooled to become productive and balanced functioning adults in society. However, more importantly, we must learn and change if we are to become an educated person – a whole person. (Hodgson, 2010). Schooling Schools are formal learning institutions where students receive instruction from a predetermined curriculum.

In schools students strive to attain the qualifications they need to proceed to further education and/or specialisation in a particular field, enabling them to contribute to society. Schools are social institutions with strict rules enforcing right and wrong, as well as a sense of structure by which students must abide. At the same time, they promote a sense of citizenship which encourages the students to feel that they belong to society. Modern systems of education which access the globalised electronic society and mass media help expose children, in their formative years, to the broad spectrum of education.

These ensure that students develop 21st century knowledge and skills and learn how to learn and fully engage in their continually changing world. Education Education, on the other hand, reaches beyond the classroom – to become educated is about learning to learn and learning what it means to be human (Biesta 2012). The core business of education is to help people to embrace learning and seek out knowledge purely for the pleasure, challenge, stimulation or insight it affords. Education is for life and is an intrinsic human goal as the thirst for understanding and truth drives humans to pursue further knowledge.

It is a global search for human betterment, not driven by selfish egos. This search for further understanding of the broader spectrum of humanity enriches both individuals and societies. Conclusion Historically it was more likely that students experienced schooling through focused points aimed at developing a specific skill set, rather than through the broad spectrum (or whole person education) that modern curricula aims to achieve. While it would be nice to think that this had changed in our modern era, despite increased curriculum diversity, it is still possible to go to school yet not become truly educated.

This is primarily because of the continuing value society places on achieving success in traditional academic subjects such as mathematics, science and the arts, and is underlined by the social hierarchy of qualified professionals (e. g. doctors, lawyers, engineers, etc. ) for whom these academic subjects are prerequisites. However, this emphasis on providing career pathways, is becoming less as the learning experience in schools and homes, as well as within wider society, becomes broader and more diversified.

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