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IT professionals at present are facing more and more challenges in updating systems to make them more efficient and cost-saving. Along with the challenge is the opportunity to create systems that would result to higher profitability in a corporation. Among the many things that an IT professional can contribute to an organization, two of the more challenging and exciting opportunities would be as a database administrator and network administrator. I. Database Administrator A.

Generally, a database administrator is the person tasked with the management of database systems and the software and programs necessary to store, organize and extract data. Depending on user needs, the database administrator integrates old and new information in an updated system, and implements modifications to the systems when necessary. The administrator must make sure that the systems in place work efficiently and consistently by understanding and documenting the platforms that make the database runs.At the same time, the database administrator must keep the integrity of the stored information and must keep them safe from the dangers presented by the Internet. In other organizations, they require the administrators to manage a particular set of data, say instance, those that run on SQL or Oracle. In some small corporations, the database administrator is given a management designation, while in bigger ones, he is part of the IT group.

B. From most of the database administrator positions advertised on the Web, most require experienced IT professionals.There are some that would accept entry-level administrators but the pay is not usually disclosed. For the experienced database administrator, a large pay base awaits the successful candidates.

The generic skills needed include a degree in IT or any computer-related field. As for the specialized skills and the higher paying jobs, they mostly require five years of experience managing databases. Most of the high paying jobs are located in California, being the IT capital of the country.Also, the database programs that are popular with companies are the SQL and Oracle.

C. In the database administration field, there are certifications that a person must complete in order to have passed professional standards. These certifications include those from Microsoft and Oracle. On the ethical side, there does not exist a formal code of ethics for database administrators, but they are expected to act with integrity as they have access to corporations most integral information.

To become qualified to work as a database administrator in the future, I would need to understand platforms used in the electronic management of data. I need to know what are the most efficient and frequently used programs by companies. Once I have this knowledge, I will begin to study the fundamentals of the programs, and secure an OJT in one firms to gain actual experience. II. Network Administrator In a computer network, the administrator is responsible for the maintaining software and hardware deployment, configuration and monitoring, as well as the network security and connectivity.He usually holds the highest position among the technical staff in a corporation.

B. Network administrator jobs in the country can be found in many areas and anyone wanting to pursue a career in that field won’t have difficulty finding one. The salary for this work is slightly higher than most IT jobs since this involves security issues, which are very important to companies. Skills necessary for the job include understanding of servers and their platforms, intuitiveness in troubleshooting problems, and networking abilities.

The network administrator’s professional standards are governed by the certifications that must be obtained from organizations like Novell, CompTIA and Sun Microsystems. There is no standard and formal ethical rules established for this position but for anyone who wants to be in this line of work, that person must be of the highest integrity. D. A network administrator job entails knowledge in networking and security protocols. I would need to equip myself with these knowledge through books and by securing an OJT with a corporation to gain the necessary hands-on experience.ReferencesBureau of Labor Statistics, U.

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