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Installing and setting up a high performing technology device is not enough for effective virtual workplace setup. The new approach to work has still harbored reservations and skepticism in the minds of the people. It is human nature to go into the tried and tested paths that instills security and satisfaction in the mind.

Unexplored ways are not approved by most and it may take time before an individual accepts the changed work mode and feels comfortable in the unconventional work pattern. To some extent there is fear factor in using the latest technology that needs sufficient time and training to overcome.The organizations opting for a virtual workplace atmosphere needs to provide tangible incentives to the employees for accomplishing tasks online in the form of bonus or rewards. Other forms of motivating and encouraging individuals to adopt this mode of work is to provide adequate training on the technology involved accompanied by regular updates on current trends and modifications.

The key to obtain whole hearted involvement from the employees is to invite suggestions, opinions, and feedback during the time of change incorporation.Open ended forums are effective means of dispelling inhibitions and arousing interest in the change process. The organizations should also invest in appropriate technology suited to their needs that can induce greater productivity and physical well being of the employees. Equipment that brings physical discomfort and aggravates uneasiness is liable to be avoided. The managers must encourage increased level of interaction between the team members to promote healthy relationships that can positively affect the work environment.

The manager also needs to review goals and objectives at regular intervals to retain the interest of the team members. “In the post industrial information age, the balance of work has tipped from hand to head, from brawn to brain. Workers don’t just run machines and push paper; they control information. And information is displacing capital as the essential resource for industrial success.

” (Magid Igbaria – The virtual workplace, 1998, pp-23) Technology has enabled the emergence of electronic markets and widespread transformation in the economic markets across the globe.This has supported new patterns of communication and information access within organizations resulting in drastic changes in the methods of business management. The emergence of virtual workplace has created new challenges for both business and IT companies to ensure that appropriate technology infrastructure that includes networking requirements, connectivity requirements, applications specific for the type of job, and troubleshooting services that can address any kind of urgent needs.The success of the virtual workplace depends on the defined parameters as well as a long term view to business expansion and changes in operational procedures that can impact the current work process. “Virtual organizations rise above the impediments of space, distance, language, and cultural barriers, while absorbing the utility of time and responsiveness. This new world has opened up avenues for professionals and employees with specialized skills.

” (The Hindu, Dec 2006)References:The Hindu (Dec 27, 2006) – Virtual workplaces transcend borders – – accessed on 11th May 2008

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