IT 224 6.10.7

You are installing a satellite connection so your home office can connect to the Internet. Which of the following statement is true?
The satellite dish must be pointed in the correct direction for communication with the satellite
Which of the following are used to connect a cable modem to the internet connection?
F-type connectors
RG-6 coaxial cable
To access the internet through the Publicly Switched telephone Network (PSTN), what kind of connectivity device must you use?
You are talking with a customer support technician on the telephone. The technician recommends downloading a particular driver from Internet. When you try to connect to the internet using your modem, you cant. What is the problem?
You need to hang up
Which type of network medium is used by an Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) adapter?
Copper telephone wire
Which of the following network technologies is packaged as part of a BRI plan?
Which of the following are features of Basic Rate ISDN (BRI)
One control channel
Dial up connection
Two data Channels
When configuring an ADSL installation, where should you to install the DSL filters?
On connections leading to an analog phone
Which action allow you to access the internet on your lap top via a cellular network?
Install a cellular USB adapter in a open port on the lap top
You are configuring an ADSL connection. Which of the following will be part of the configuration?
RJ-11 connectors
Filters or splitters
A healthcare organization provides mobile clinics throughout the world and needs to transfer patient statistical data to a central database via the Internet. Which network technology should you select to ensure network connectivity for any clinic located anywhere in the world, even remote areas?
Which of the following types of Internet connection services can allow you to be truly mobile while maintaining your Internet connection?
Which of the following are options for connecting a computing device, such as a notebook computer or a tablet, to a cellular network?

Use a USB cable to connect the device to the network through a smartphone

Use a USB cellular antennae to connect the device directly to the cellular network

Use an integrated cellular antennae to connect the device directly to the cellular network

Use the device’s wifi connect to the network through a cellular wifi hot spot

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