ISYS ch.10 Quiz

In​ 2015, __________ million Americans purchased something online.
​E-commerce began in​ ________ when Netscape earned their first online advertisement from a major corporation.
Among the eight unique features of​ e-commerce, which is related to the ability to interact with web technology​ everywhere?
Among the eight unique features of​ e-commerce, which is related to a consumer being engaged with an immersive multimedia​ experience?
The benefit of a consumer being able to look online to find a variety of different prices for the same product is called​ ___________________.
Price transparency
The benefit of a consumer being able to look online to determine the actual cost a business pays for products is called​ ________________
Cost transparency
The San Francisco Giants sell tickets based on​ ____________, where the prices often change based on demand and other variables.
Dynamic pricing
Which of the following businesses uses the content provider Internet business​ model?
itunes or netflix
Which of the following businesses uses the portal Internet business​ model?
Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, MSN, and AOL
Twitter and Facebook are both examples of the​ _____________ Internet Business Model.
Community Provider
Micropayment systems allow for high​-volume, low-cost transactions. ​ __________ is considered the largest micropayment system in the world.
Paying an online journal a monthly fee for access to its content is called the​ __________ model.
Subscription Revenue
Sending customers to a website for a referral fee is called the​ _____________ model.
Affiliate Revenue
Businesses retailing products and services directly via the Internet to individual consumers best describes​ ________.
B2C electronic commerce.
Ebay is an example of
Tools that record customer activities at websites and store them in a log for further analysis are called​ ________.
clickstream tracking
​________ services can tell you the price of a house you are looking at or about special exhibits at a museum you are passing.
Geo information
If two people are trading coins and one has far more knowledge about the hobby than the​ other, this is called​ _________________.
information asymmetry
Which of the following statements is FALSE regarding​ Pandora’s Internet business​ model?
Pandora attracted new users by allowing them to download music for free.
The social commerce feature that includes a stream of events to create a history for friends to view​ is/are called​ ______________.
The social commerce feature that enables a consumer to log into sites through Facebook is called a​ ___________________.
Social Sign on
________ refers to the tracking of individuals on thousands of websites for the purpose of understanding their interests and intentions.
Behavioral targeting
Which of the following is FALSE about Electronic Data Interchange​ (EDI)?
EDI is a larger firm using a secure website to link to its suppliers and other key business partners. is a popular​ _______________ site where​ start-up companies’ ideas are presented to perspective investors.
Which is NOT one of the phases in the timeline for the development of an​ e-commerce presence?
Mobile implementation
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