Isomerism in Coordination Chem

ionization isomers
difference in what is coordinated and what is ionically bound
polymerization isomers
same formula, but may have proportional numbers…most often when there is bridging or a complex anion and cation
linkage isomers
difference in which atom of a ligand is bonded to the metal complex…eg. thiocyanato and nitro
ligand isomers
difference in the bonding within the ligand itself…eg. difference between trimethylenediamine and propylenediamine
coordination isomers
in multiple metal complexes, difference in which ligands are bonded to which metals
solvate isomers
only as crystalline materials, difference in numbers of different ligands coordinated and number of ligands ionically bound in outer coordination sphere
name two ions that are inert in the first period
Cr+3, Co+3
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