Is Weed As Bad As They Say?

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Is Weed As Bad As They Say?
Illegal drug use is a major problem in the world today. Millions of dollars are spent
every year to prevent the distribution of drugs. All drugs is smuggled into the United States
concealed in false compartments, fuel tanks, seats, tires of private and commercial vehicles,
pickup trucks, vans, mobile homes, and horse trailers (Pierson. 12-8-01) Large shipments is
usually smuggled in tractor-trailer trucks in false compartments and in bulk shipments, such as
agricultural products. The government has created ways to cut down on drugs. Yet the drug
crisis is greater today then ever. Marijuana is one the most widely used illegal drug. Over the
past thirty years the government has condemned Marijuana. So in this paper, I will be describing
the pros and some cons about the use of Marijuana. Marijuana use should be legalized because
of the beneficial uses that our economy can gain from weed.

Marijuana, also spelled Marihuana comes from the Indian hemp plant, cannabis sativa
(Gwinn. Pg.764). It is a crude tobacco like substance produced by drying the leaves and flowery
top of the cannabis plant. It is put into pipes or formed into joints, similar to a cigarette, for
smoking. Recently, it has appeared in cigars called blunts. The drug is a mild

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meaning that it distorts sensory perceptions. Marijuana has a wide variety of street names
including pot, tea, grass and weed (Dudley. pg. 21) Marijuana can also be added to foods such
as brownies and beverages.
The intoxication part of the plant is mostly in its strong-smelling, sticky, golden resin.
The hemp flowers, especially those of the female plant, gives the strong smell off. Many users
describe two phases of marijuana effects as initial stimulation, giddiness, and euphoria, followed
by sedation and pleasant tranquility. Mood changes can often accompany altered perceptions of
time and space of one’s bodily dimension (Gwinn. pg.765). The hemp plant can be found
growing as a weed or as a cultivated plants in peoples homes. Marijuana can survive in almost
any soils and climates. And the more potent varieties grow in dry, hot, and wasteland type
environments (Pierson. 12-8-01)
Marijuana varies in potency, depending on where and how it is grown and prepared for
use or stored. The active ingredient, tetrahydrocanabinol (THC) or also known as Hashish or
Resin, is present in all parts of both male and female plants, but is most concentrated in the resin
which appears in the flowering tops of the female. Resin is like a goody bag to Marijuana users
because its a sticky, gooey, liquid which is collected in pipes (Gwinn. 764). They scrape it from
the crevasses of the pipe and smoke it out of bongs or pipes. The THC was first identified in the
mid-1960. Its chemical structure is complex and unique making it unlike that of any other
psychoactive drug. There are also four hundred twenty chemicals in the marijuana plant besides
THC, but they do not cause the same effect (Mann. pg. 98) This is the main reason marijuana is
the most frequently used illegal drug.

Marijuana cultivation in the United States can be traced back to at least 400 years ago
(Sloman. pg. 221) For most of our nation’s history, farmers grew marijuana for its fiber content.
Colonialists planted the first American hemp crop in 1611 near Jamestown Virginia. Most of the
sails and ropes on colonial ships were made from hemp, as were many of the colonists bible,
clothing and maps (Schaeffer. 12-10-01)
Marijuana first earned recognition as an intoxicant in the 1920’s and 1930’s (Schaeffer.

12-10-01) The use of marijuana causes destruction of brain tissues and nerve centers, and does
irreparable damage. If continued, inevitable results in insanity, which those familiar with it
describe it as incurable, and, without exception ending in death (Schaeffer. 12-10-01) Marijuana
must be recognized as a deadly drug and American children must be protected against it.
Hemp plants possess several alkaloids, which produce interesting effects in people who
use them in many ways. To put it another way, people can get high from the plant. The hemp
plant it no more dangerous then the coffee bean . Another fact is that Marijuana also happens to
be of significant therapeutic value for a great number of people. Marijuana relieves intra-ocular
pressure, which is useful for those suffering from glaucoma. Marijuana has been shown to be of
significant value in reducing the extreme nausea resulting from chemotherapy, greatly assisting
those who suffer from cancer and AIDS in their fight for life. The feeling of extreme hunger is
called the munchies. Munchies is good for peoples with AIDS that are going through the AIDS
wasting- syndrome. Which makes them unable to eat normally which has the similar case with
people that suffer from cancer.

The medical use of cannabis is varied in many ways. It has been found to relieve the pain
spasms associated with several forms of multiple sclerosis, post-polio syndrome, epilepsy, and
certain types of spinal and cranial injuries (Nahas. pg. 250)
If someone is in extreme intoxication of weed may cause visual hallucinations, anxiety,
depression, extreme variability of mood, paranoid reactions, or also may go into a psychoses type
personality lasting from four to six hours. Most people get red eyes, dryness of the mouth and
throat, and a feeling of happiness when they smoke weed, which is a sign of vascular dilation
that indicates Marijuana might also be of use in the relief of migraine headaches. After the full
effects of the weed is over, some people may go through an after phase called the downing
phase. A person may experience drowsiness, unsteadiness, and an urge for food. All of this
points to the fact that there is significant medical promise in the hemp plant.

Marijuana has a lot of down sides as well as benefits. If you are caught with a gram of
Marijuana on you, you could be fined big time. The physical down sides of Marijuana is
short-term memory or anotherwards, forgetfulness (Mann. pg. 45) It may stay in your system for
at least a month or more causing you to have a hard time with your job (Mann. pg. 46) Many
jobs do require random drug tests, in which if you fail, you could possibly lose your job.
Marijuana also kills your sex organs. In males it kills your sperm cells which may make you
unfertile. And in females, it kills your egg cells which also makes you unfertile (Nahas. pg. 316)
Although it is true that there has been no proven studies that marijuana is indeed a life
threatening drug (O’Brien pg. 70) But it has been proven that marijuana is a safe, versatile, and
inexpensive medicine (Nahas. pg. 58-59) And what makes it even better is that it has been
proven that marijuana is less toxic and dangerous than most of the prescriptions drugs given to
you by your doctors which you trust (Nahas. pg. 111)
Marijuana is a useful and misunderstood substance. If more studies are done, it can be a
helpful assistance to the economy (Skidmore. 12-7-01) Marijuana was legal for many years and
we didn’t have a big drug problem like today. Marijuana laws, the threat of jail and fines will not
stop drug use. All they do is make it harder to help people (Skidmore. 12-7-01) As to me, I
respect the right of people to control their own bodies. I believe we should legalize weed, and
help those who need it, and let the police spend their time protecting us from real crime. I also
believe our society should have a more opened mind on the hemp plant and really see the up side
uses of marijuana.

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