Is the Shift in world powers beneficil for the world

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Is The Shift in World Powers Beneficial for the WorldBy: Mahtub KalantariThe on-coming shift in global powers does not necessarily indicate that there is economic stagnation in the developed part of the world, but instead means that there is advancement in the developing countries.

There is evidence to both sides of this shift; a positive and negative outcome. By trial, with many different countries, we have felt both sides. Britain proved an unsuccessful attempt in power, were as United States brought a more positive side out of power. Since the mid-1800s, these two counties were the reason for who we are today. The shift in world powers is, in fact, beneficial for the world. It brings more competition to countries all around, causing a production in jobs, economics, trading and, well, everything.

United States, whom is a current world power, is partnered with many countries because of some major reasons. Money, military and resources. If there were to be another country with just as much or more of money, military, and resources, China is going to drop United States as a partner faster than ever. This leads The United States to constant battle in regaining its power and status.Britain, from the beginning, was a huge influence in the world.

It was not even the fact that Britain has power over land and people that made England significant in our history; it is the religious and political development The United Kingdom had on the seventeenth century. Examples being, when the puritans came to New England to bring town structure, Church based politics, key skills for survival, and social structures being new land with a new society. Yet, The United Kingdom was not successful enough to keep its position. Had several achievements, but when confidence turns into cocky, it can send a country downhill fast. The United Kingdom was recognizing all the land and communities they had power over and took more and more until their “allies” were sick of the…

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