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Within this coursework I have to compare the competitiveness of Burger king and McDonalds and say whether McDonalds is more competitive than Burger King. These two businesses are in the fast food industry and are franchises, which means that not every McDonalds and Burger king store are owned by their company but are owned by individuals paying for rights to sell their food.McDonalds was set up in 1974, when its first restaurant was opened in the UK. “Today, more than 2.5 million people in this country place their trust in McDonald’s every day – trusting the Company to provide them with food of a high standard, quick service and value for money”.

However James McLamore and David Edgerton founded burger king Corporation in 1954 in Miami, Florida. Today, there are more than 361,000 Burger King employees in more than 11,370 locations worldwide.McDonalds serve 2.5 million people per day, in the U.K. alone, serving them food, which has been specially supplied, from many different parts of the country to find “the tasty products you expect from McDonalds”, this means that your burger could come from Dover but your fries from north Cumbria.

Burger king employs 300,000 people worldwide and supplies food to 14 million people worldwide per day and 92 million people per year.McDonalds and Burger king are for children, as they give away toys with promotional offers, McDonalds more so than burger king, however they are not just used by children as many restaurants are filled with adults and not children every day.McDonalds and Burger King have to get their demand and supply in the same ratio, e.g. not supplying too many burgers for the amount demanded, otherwise there will be a loss, this is why special offers are sometimes given because too many burgers have been made for the demand.

They have to assess the amounts of a product is needed otherwise their will be a loss, which will not help sales figures and will, leave less money for promotion of a product and other items related to the selling of the product, this would also make the company less competitive.Evidence Primary:(See appendices FIGURE 3) I researched people’s opinions in my year on whether they preferred McDonalds or Burger King and the results became quite useful as they showed which was more popular. In my year alone I saw that more people likes McDonalds rather than Burger King. 75 % prefer McDonalds, 16.7% prefer Burger King and 8.3% prefer an other restaurant.

Evidence Secondary:In a poll McDonalds Vs Burger King, asking “which you prefer?” there was 152 votes in total, and 76 for McDonalds and 76 for Burger king, so the public evenly like both the fast food outletsMcDonalds last year alone had 14,243 million sales the cost of these sales being 5,821.5 million pounds, these profit figures are the best that McDonalds has had, and there as been a profit increase ever year since 1996. These results show as well that Burger King has increases in sales every year since 1996; therefore it is also competitive however its sales are much lower than that of McDonalds.The graph gives a much easier way to display this information and easily shows that McDonalds has much higher amount of sales for the year.Analyse:However people who like both is not a category so these people are unable to comment on their favourite place to eat.From sales figures you cannot really say which is more competitive because making the most profit is only one aspect to consider when reviewing how competitive a business is, it has more to do with the public relations that, that company has with its customers.

E.g. the 4 P’s; price, promotion, place and product. So for McDonalds to make more sales than burger king, being competitive they have to offer the best, they do this in many ways.In general you would think the company with the best food, prices and service would be the most competitive as it is beating the other companies standards. In some cases employees have been in terrible conditions such as this ex employee of burger king, who now suffers badly from acne and his now a disgruntled ex-employee.

As well as the standards for the customer the standards for fast food employees also has to show the competitiveness of both companies, so in this case employees were not treated fairly saying that burger king has worse standards than McDonalds however this is only a case study which occurred in one restaurant and not the entire chain of Burger Kings.

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