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Andrew Hilton, employed by Hamilton Chemicals as an electrical engineer for the past 26 years, has recently been promoted to management. His new position is engineering design services manager. He has 20 engineers from all disciplines reporting to him. The unit has not been performing well. Morale and performance are at all-time low. During the past two years, the unit’s productivity has fallen by 25 percent, absenteeism has risen by 10 percent, and Job related injuries have risen by 12%. Andrew suspects that the problem have been caused by the misuse of the performance appraisal system on the part of the previous manager, Ted Simpson.

The workers are rated annually on a five-point graphic rating scale on the following Job dimensions: 1. 1 . Safety 2. 2. Ability to work with others 3. 3. Contribution to the company’s long term growth 4. 4. Contributions to productivity 5. 5. Cost control 6. 6. Attendance During the past two years, Simpson gave each employee a “satisfactory” (3) rating on all six dimensions. Based on what he has observed during his first two months as manager. Andrew believes those ratings are erroneous. Six engineers have quickly surfaced as outstanding performers and three are clearly unsatisfactory. 1 .

Duo Greer or disagree with Andrew that the performance appraisals might be contributing to the problem? Explain. – Yes I agree with Andrew. The performance appraisal is conducted to know how well the employees are working on a day to day basis. And base on this, we would know the strengths and weaknesses each employee possesses. It is very important to take this seriously because this can affect the employee’s way of working in the company. If the employees are working outstandingly we should regard their efforts and give them a well deserve praise and if not we should give them the proper rate they deserve.

The performance appraisal reflects the employee’s standing in the company and any misuse of this can lead to certain problems that may arise in the company later on. 2. If Andrew chooses to give employees the ratings they deserve, do you think there will be a backlash, making many of the workers even more unhappy? – I don’t think so. It Is only right to give the employees the ratings that they deserve for them to know how well they are performing inside the company. Giving the employees the proper ratings they deserve will make them aware of their performance and give more efforts while working In the company.

Though some may become unhappy, they could use this to boost their morale and strive harder to meet the company’s expectations. So with that, everyone can be happy. 3. How should Andrew handle this situation? -Andrew should fix the misuse of the performance appraisal and use It the right way so that he could know which employee is an asset or a liability to the company. If he knows how each employee works he could manage them easily and make their performance level increase more as they work. With this kind of change the employees can be more aware of their performance and does a good job at work and minimizing faults.

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