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DSME2050H Group21Investigation Report
– Poon Keung Workshop
CHAM, King Wah David (1009630152) CHONG, Yau Ka Alex (1155002389) LEE, Joo Eun June (1155017533) LEE, Jun Hee (1155001741) LEUNG, Cheuk Wai Isaac (1155000908) LUK, Ka Wing Anthea (1155003024) NG, Sze Ki Cobi (1155002560) WONG, Nga Yan Dorothy (1155000845) YUNG, Yi Tak Amy (1155004085)?? ?
Group 21 – Investigation Report20131. Company Profile
Poon Keung Workshop (“Poon Keung”) is a manufacturer of business suits founded by Steve Leung and Ben Ching in Hong Kong. Mr. Leung and Mr. Ching learnt suit-making as apprentices to a tailor. They established Poon Keung 40 years ago. Mr. Ching later sold all his shares to Mr. Leung and now the company is wholly owned by Mr. Leung. Poon Keung started from a small-scale tailor’s shop, which primarily received orders for suits from Indian trading companies. After 40 years of effort, it has now developed into a suits manufacturer which produces suits and provides tailor-made services for both corporate and individual clients. Poon Keung owns a plant in Yangjiang. Business Process The business process of Poon Keung can be summarized by the following flow chart.
Purchase of minor raw materials (e.g. inner cloths, button) Receive orders for suits from trading firms/individual clients Purchase of suitings (Trading firms will provide suitings)ManufacturingDeliveryB2B After receiving the order from trading firms, Poon Keung will manufacture the suits using the suiting fabrics provided by the trading firms. The company will negotiate the price with the trading firms. Usually, there are chances for delay of payment based on reputability. Payment is made once the suits are ready. Sometimes, prepayment is needed (around 10% – 30%) if the trading firm is newly partnered with. The finished goods will be delivered to the trading firms. B2C For individual clients, the tailor will measure and collect information about the client’s size and shape. Then, Poon Keung…