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Esters are named in almost a reverse fashion where the R-group bonded to the oxygen is named iris with the ending 91″ and the R- group bonded to the C coming second ending with an “Tate. ” The “yell” group is derived from the alcohol that was used to make the ester where as the “Tate” part is derived from the carboxylic acid that was used to make the ester. In the process of creating an ester also known as stratification the product is an ester and water. Repose The objective of this lab is to witness the creation of different esters and to recognize and pinpoint the smells of each one Of them.

In addition, writing balanced chemical equations. Hypothesis If methyl-2-proposal is reacted with formic acid then the product should be 2- theology methanol. If I-octagon is reacted with acetic acid then the product should be 1 -octal ethanol. If methanol is reacted with salicylic acid then the product should be methyl salicylic.

If 1 -pentagon is reacted with acetic acid then the product should be penalty ethanol. Materials Equipment 4 test tubes graduated cylinder (10 ml) 150 ml beaker 2, 150 ml beakers Thermometer Safety Glasses Test tube holder Beaker tongs Hot plate Reagents Methanol Methyl-2-proposal 1 -pentagon 1 -octagon acetic acid methanol acid salicylic acid sulfuric acid (HOSTS) (concentrated) Procedure 1 .

All safety and experiment materials were collected. 2. The procedure was carefully heeded and studied, noting any potential harmful chemicals. .

4 test tubes labeled from A-D and placed in the test tube rack 4 In test tube A 1 ml of methyl-2-proposal and 1 ml of formic acid were placed. 5. In test tube B 1 ml of 1 -octagon and 1 ml of acetic acid were placed. 6.

In test tube C 1 ml of methanol and log of salicylic acid were placed 7. In test tube D ml of I-pentagon and 1 ml of acetic acid were placed. 8. Four drops of concentrated sulfuric were carefully and precisely added to each test tube.

9. Ml often water were obtained in a ml beaker and was heated on a hot plate to the exact temperature of 600 C 10. All 4 test tubes A-D were placed into the hot water previously heated for 15 minutes. Ml of cold water were obtained and placed in a 250 ml beaker. 12.

11. After 15 minutes the test tubes were taken out of the hot water and placed in the cold water. 13. Ml of water were obtained.

14. Ml of distilled water were carefully measured and placed into each test tube. 15. All scent and dour transformations were noticed.


All chemicals were discarded into an organic waste beaker. And all apparatuses were thoroughly cleaned. Observation Table Test Tube Reactants Products Appearance Scent Methyl-2-proposal Formic Acid 2-methodology methanol Light yellowish liquid pale Strong horrid smell Acetic Acid Octal ethanol Transparent liquid Sweet, citrus smell c As licitly Acid Methyl salicylic Transparent and white looking liquid Very refreshing peppermint smell D Acetic acid Penalty ethanol Yellow-orange liquid Sweet banana like smell Discussion Questions 1 .

Oil of wintergreen is also known as an aspirin because of its involvement in the aspirin family.

This is known because the aspirin family is associated to the salicylic part of the oil wintergreen. The name for this oil is methyl salicylic which is why it is associated with the aspirin. It is uses for the cure of headaches because as we know aspirin is a blood thinner anti-coagulant. So it is normal for commercials that advertise oil of wintergreen are for things like headache relief.

Sources of Error 1.

A potential source of error that may have occurred in this lab is possible side reactions in the experiment This could take away from the overall production of the ester or even create side products that we may have noted wrongly when we were wafting the product. 2. Another common source of error could be the fact that using the hot plate would not keep the imperative of the hot water bath consistent, this could affect the process Of stratification. Especially because during that 15 minutes the temperature of the water should stay consistent at ICC so it would have to be closely monitored.

. The temperature of the room could also affect the reactants and products before they were placed in the hot water bath because in the case that there may have been air conditioning or heating on in the room then the temperature of the products in test tube would adapt into the temperature of the room. Conclusion In conclusion the main purpose of this lab was to identify the smell and dour f each ester that was produced from combining an alcohol and a carboxylic acid.

The hypothesis stated at the beginning of the report was proven correct in the fact that each test tube produced the correct ester. There are many factors in this experiment that could affect the overall product produced which could in the end effect the odor and appearances that you are noting down.

Be careful to take note of the hot plate and keeping the consistency of the temperature, side reaction happening and the temperature in the room that may a have effected the products and reactants odors and appearance.

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