Introducing Modern Management

What is management ?
It is the process of reaching organizational goals by working with and through people and other organizational resources.
The Process of management is composed of 4 functions – Name them
Planning ,Organizing, influencing and controlling .
What is planning?
The primary activity of defining goals and establishing strategies and tasks to achieve these goals : outlining when and how these tasks must be performed.
What is Organizing?
it is about arranging and structuring work to accomplish the planned organisational goals that were developed in the planning stages. organizing translates planned intentions into reality.
What is influencing?
this include motivating ,leading,communicating. leaders coach,counsel and inspire workers
What is controlling?
The systematic effort Evaluate how well an organization has achieved its goals and to take any corrective actions needed to maintain or improve performance. The outcome is the ability to measure performance accurately and regulate organizational efficiency and effectiveness.
Who is a manager?
Someone who coordinate and overseas the work of other people so that organisational goals can be accomplished.
Define Organization
A deliberate arrangement of people assembled to accomplish some specific purpose
What are the characteristics of an organization?
Have a distinct purpose , are composed of people and should have a structure .
Top Managers
Individuals who are responsible for making organization -wide decisions and establishing plans and goals that affect the entire organization
Middle managers
Manage the work of first line managers. They focus on implementation of the strategic plans set by top management
First-line managers
Individuals who manage the work of non-managerial employees.
What is the role of management ?
To guide organization to goal accomplishment and to combine and use resources for attainment of organisational purpose.
Classic and common mistakes made by managers
Making plans that are too risky, assigning too many person to report to one manager,not communicating properly with staff,not monitoring progress . not measuring performance.
The management Task
Never loses sight of goal attainment and the interrelated nature of the four functions
the 4 organizational resources are?
Human, Monetary ,Raw Materials and capital
getting the most output for the least input .
Attaining organizational goals
Universality of management
The reality that management is needed in all types and sizes of organizations at all organizational levels in all organizational areas and in organizations no matter where located
The theory of characteristics
Henri Fayol 1841-1925
Management skills
The ability to carry out the process of reaching organizational goals by working with and through people and other organizational resources
Classical Management skills
Technical -Knowledge and proficiency in a specific field.
Human skills- the ability to work well with other people .
Conceptual skills – the ability to think and conceptualize about complex and abstract situations concerning the organization
Management levels and the skills needed
Top manager>human and conceptual skills
Middle Manager>human ,conceptual and technical
First line -Technical skills +human skills
Contemporary Management skills
Major managerial activities -Task related ,people related ,change related.
Task related
activities are aimed at carrying out critical management related duties such as: short term planning,clarifying objectives of job ,monitoring operations and performance
People related actives are aimed at manageing people and include
support and encouragement to others , providing recognition for achievement .developing skills and confidence of organizational members.
change related activities
are aimed at modifying organizational components and include-monitoring organizations external environment ,encouraging innovative thinking,taking risk to promote and facilitate change .
External Environment
condition and events surrounding an organization that influences choices, including the competition, economic, customer, technological, regulatory and social environments.
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