Intro to Sport Management Final

Community Sport
Organized physical activity based in community, school, and local organizations. Encompasses rec. and competitive sport.
Community Sport Management Challenges
Structure and delivery systems are varied. Governance of community and youth sport.
Size and Scope of Community Sport
Millions in the US and Canada participate at recreation and competitive levels
Function of Sport Marketing Agency
Client management and representation, client marketing and product endorsement and placement.
Full-Service Agencies
Perform function in house with own personnel. Full range of services.
General Agencies
Integrated approach to development of client programs. Athlete coach, and broadcaster marketing.
In-House Agencies
Departments of companies that perform sport functions on behalf of the products and divisions of the parent company.
Specialty Agency
Specializes in the types of services that it provides for its clientele. Ex. Using a company who specializes in housing.
Sport Marketing
Process of designing and implementing activies for the product, pricing, promotion, and distribution of a sport product or sport business product to satisfy the needs or desires of consumers and to achieve the company’s objectives
Tangible good, a service, or an intangible quality that satisfies consumers’ wants or needs
Value of the product and the costs that the consumer must accept to obtain the product
Distribution channels that allow consumers to access or obtain the product
Integrated communication and public relations, activities that communicate, inform, persuade, and motivate consumers to purchase the product
Marketing Plan
Road map or game plan for an organization’s marketing activities
Step 1 of Marketing Plan
Identify the purpose of the sport marketing plan
Step 2 of Sport Marketing Plan
Analyze the sport product
Step 3 of Sport Marketing Plan
Project the market climate
Step 4 of Sport Marketing Plan
Position the sport product
Step 5 of Sport Marketing Plan
Pick the players: Analyze and Target Consumers
Step 6 of Sport Marketing Plan
Package the Sport Product
Step 7 of Sport Marketing Plan
Price the Sport Product
Step 8 of Sport Marketing Plan
Promote the Sport Product
Step 9 of Sport Marketing Plan
Place the Sport Product
Step 10 of Sport Marketing Plan
Promise of Evaluating the Sport Marketing Plan
SWOT Analysis
Management technique available to sport marketers to help them assess the strengths and weaknesses of an organization.
Sport Sponsorship
Packaging the sport product to secure financial support from corporations
Non-Paid communication about a sport product in which the sponsor is usually not identified and the message reaches the public because it is news worthey
One-way paid messages about the sport product
Public Relations
Activities and programs especially associated with community and media relations that help the sport organization develop positive relationships with its target audiences.
Community Relations
Activities and programs such as the NBA Cares program designed to meet the interests and needs of the public and by doing so establishing good-faith relationships with the public.
Communication process
Multiple participants, dynamics, and influences at any given moment.
Encoding and Decoding
Inescapable fact that every sender and receiver of communication assigns meaning to the communicated message.
Elements that can impede successful communication
The receivers response to the message.
Press Agentry-Publicity Model
Focuses on obtaining favorable coverage
Two-Way Asymmetrical Model
Shapes its messages with the intent of persuading its publics to behave in the manner it desires
Two-Way Symmetrical Model
Advocates conflict resolution through facilitation of mutual understanding between organization and its key publics
Public Relations Model
Distributes unbiased and accurate information regarding the sport entity
Print Communication
Communication through printed publications, including sport sections in newspaper
Electronic Communication
Communication by electronic media, including sports broadcasting on television
Community Relations
Often focuses on the promotion of charitable initiatives affiliated with the sport organization and the development of opportunities for face-to-face contact with sport organization stakeholders
GDP, Interest Rates, and Inflation Rate
Supply-demand model, market structures
Selective Attention
the focusing of conscious awareness on a particular stimulus
knowledge gained by perceiving
the power of retaining and recalling past experience
Economic Impact of Sport Events
Estimates of the change in the net economic activity in a community that occurs because of sport.
Income Statement
Form with operating income, operating expenses, and other income
Balance Sheet
Form with all assets, liabilities, and equity listed.
Sport Consumer Behavior
offers unique setting to impact behavior. Has fans, or fanatics, who have crazy loyalty to their teams. Sport contacts consumers in a personal, emotional, social, and cultural way.
Motives for Sport Participation
Achievement motivation, social motivation, and mastery motivation.
Consumer Perception
Experiences and ways consumers have felt.
Cognitive Component
Benefits about the sport
Affective Component
Feelings about the sport
Behavioral Component
Actions toward the sport.
Group influences on Sport Consumer
External factors like people closest to us, groups with whom we choose to associate, and the broader society we live in
Consumer Decision Making in Sport
Recognition of a need or problem and then seeking the information to resolve problem or fulfill need.
Accumulation of rules and regulations that govern our behavior
Federal Law System
Congressionally enacted legislation that effects the whole country
State Law System
Legislature of each state responsible for enacting laws to govern its citizens in matters where federal legislation is silent.
Sport Sociology
A sub discipline of sociology involving the study of “sports as social phenomena”
Significance of Sport
Enormous economic impact of a sport industry. Consumption, valuation, and participation has negative and positive outcomes.
Dark Side of Sport
Sport can function as a divider, and also can promote sexism, homophobia, and racism
Sport as Vehicle for Social Change
Can be one of the few institutions that can serve as a catalyst for change
Way pro sports makes money
Tickets, sponsorship, merchandise
North American Society for Physical Education
North American Society for Sport Management
Spectator Tourism
Traveling somewhere to see an event
Active Sport Tourism
Traveling somewhere to participate in a sport ex. Skiing, golfing
Nostalgia Sport Tourism
Take part in history of sport ex visit the hall of fame
Product Extensions
Concessions, merchandise, mascots
Basking in Reflected Glory
“We won today”
Cutting off Reflected Glory
“They lost today”
Collective Bargaining
Negotiation between players and owners for money

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